Best Full Body Workout Approach for Results

Choose Your Type of Workout

If you’re planning to take some time out for working out, you would want to benefit the most out of it. But with many body parts or specifically many muscle groups, it can be tough to understand where to begin. A workout plan isn’t usually labeled full a full body or body part routines, but you might have heard of leg day or an arm day workouts that do. Every plan would want to build your muscle, make you stronger, or result in a weight loss. However, choosing between a full-body workout plan of a specific body part work out doesn’t turn out to be easy.

Well, in a world full of things that have multiple advantages and disadvantages, full-body workout comes out to be one of them. There are several advantages to full body workouts, check them below.

Advantages of a Full Body workout

There’s one thing you all are going to agree to: Going to the gym six days a week can be time-consuming and costly. The full body can be performed in about three to four days, depending on your choice, which would save your time, money, and energy! Three in one.

No need for Machines

The full-body can also be performed at home easily and does not require any expensive gym machines.

If others don’t work, this surely would

There’s one reason why people don’t progress on their workout plans, which is because they aren’t recovering from time to time. Some people aren’t capable of handling back-to-back workouts, for those the full-body workout turns out to be perfect.

Saves your time

Working out for three to four days will provide you with an ample amount of time to carry out any other activities e.g. if you’re doing cardio, then you can carry it on the rest of the days. (You can also spend your days out of the gym although, doing any of the activities you like otherwise)

Grooms your personality
One great thing about starting a full-body workout plan is that you will have so much to discover, learn, experience, and appreciate.  The changed fitness routine might take a while to settle in but when it does, trust me, you will be the most lively and active person alive. Most importantly, it will make you a confident person, who would know his strengths and weaknesses, and the lack of guidance wouldn’t come in the way of his goals to execute a fitness routine.

HOW TO DO A Full Body Workout?

Initially, you work multiple muscles at the very time using only one exercise which makes your exercises more productive. You can use more body-parts at the same time. You can similarly rapidly move between the exercises curtailing the comeback time required before beginning your successive set.

Next, this technique of workout is incredible because you have wonderful muscle activation. Rather than functioning each muscle separately, in regular weight-lifting, you will sweat multiple muscles at once developing greater activation of the muscle for growth. Execute each set to failure and feel the obvious burn as all of the muscles being acted try to keep up.

Third, full-body workouts are outstanding in helping to maintain a span of motion and fundamental body movements. As we grow up our flexibility and endurance can decline.

Full-body workouts support to hamper this deterioration because you will be enrolling numerous muscles to work together, more as a unit. Exactly as they must, without any hindrance do as you perform your everyday routines.

Maintains Hormonal Balance

These full-body workouts will assist you to boost your proficiency to perform daily basis tasks. The hormones released during the full-body exercises is the fourth benefit. Your body will activate additional hormones to help reimburse for the load as you work more muscles. In regular weight lifting, you mark one muscle so there is a lesser hormonal release. This raised release of the hormones also assists with muscle development.

Safety First

Lastly, the weights you will be lifting are not very heavy which points out the fact that if your lifting you and your partner have some sort of disagreements or tension you will still be getting a good workout and will not have to endanger your very own safety or your fitness routine.

When you want to lose weight using a full-body workout at home it’s really important to just keep moving that will burn your calories, which is the ultimate goal and that’s one of the reasons full-body workout routine turns out to work well.

No Disadvantages

Can there be any possible disadvantages of the full-body workout program? Yes, but here is all you need to know and be careful about, other than that you are all set!

Take Proper Rest

Let’s just consider you have an injury or maybe you have developed some sharp pain in a body part of yours, giving the full-body workout a rest, and taking some rest would be a healthy idea in those times. Secondly, it is easy to get satisfied and not allow yourself to perform more reps while increasing the weights simultaneously because mentally you have accepted that you are working your entire body. It is true but you have to always push yourself to the extremes. Just don’t halt at 10 or 12 reps but go on! Until you can do no more. It is significant to maintain the proportion high when you are working out.

Let’s Talk Official

According to NSCA which stands for National Strength and Conditioning Association, planning adequate healing into your workout program is the main key. That is the reason why the National Strength and Conditioning Association proposes taking one day at least between resistance workouts when you plan on training the same muscle groups. With this important point in your mind, doing a full-body workout every day is not in your favorable interest. NSCA recommends that instead of lifting weights daily, beginners should consider working out for about two to three days from each week and work on all of the major muscle groups.

Set a Routine

What could be the best full-body workout routine? For the three day plan, consider full-body workout on Friday, Monday and Wednesday or Saturday, Tuesday, and Thursday. If you are going to start with a two-day routine a Thursday and Tuesday plan works quite well.

Grow Gradually

Although training major muscle groups in one round is effective for all degrees and phases of fitness, the National Strength and Conditioning Association states that people who are at intermediate and/or advanced resistance training levels may require an increase in the number of days they strength-train from three/ four/five, and therefore, may take benefit from a split pattern that flattens usually over four or more workouts in a week the outcome of which is some back-to-back work out days, but in those days the targeted muscles are different, resulting in the creation of plenty of rest time for each muscle group.

The Actual Plan

Let’s just dive into more detailed the best full-body workout plan available:

You probably want to make the most out of your time and earn most of the advantages, everybody does! Good news, we have all these full-body workouts available that would be everything you need. Efficient use of time, your precious time and money

Minimum possible use of gym equipment (dumbbell workout; barbell workout) Lots and lots of burned calories and fitness!

You May Equip Yourself

While machines are undoubtedly great tools to focus on each muscle group, if one wants to effectively build muscle mass and also reduce fat, the promising way is to perform compound exercises using free weights, that can dumbbells (the small ones -you can easily purchase and use at your own house to perform full-body dumbbell workout) or barbells (big ones) although keep in mind that the deadlift, in particular, would be performed using a barbell.

IMPORTANT: Before performing any of these exercises, it is essential to make sure that you have taken proper required amount of rest, a good diet (with lots and lots of protein intake once you start working out regularly and start following a full-body workout plan so the protein can repair and build your muscles) and have a healthy and fresh mind. Also, drink A LOT of water before, after, and during the workout.  Your joints would remain lubricated and your body temperature will be regulated by- water. It would help transport nutrients and give you the required energy to workout. Remember, if one’s body is not hydrated, he or she would not be able to perform at their highest level!

Full Body Workout Exercises

Here are 5 easy full-body workout exercises for you to perform:
Important Note:
Before performing any of these exercises, warm your body properly up for 5-10 minutes so that they are ready and you don’t get cramps.

1. Dead lift

Muscles involved: lower back, calves, core/abs, thighs, traps, rhomboids
Best for: building muscle-strength)

Sets: 3 sets of 6/7 reps

Deadlifts are the greatest of all muscle strength exercises. It activates all of one’s muscles, from your neck to the toes Performed correctly, one would feel the burn after starting initially and would become exhausted, in a good way by the very end of the last performed set.
One has to keep in mind to keep your back straight shoulders opened up to avoid any possible back injuries. To visualize the starting position, one would imagine a person about to sit down on the floor who later grabs the bar to prevent him from sitting down in reality. No one’s back would be straight, the shoulders would be open. Legs would be nearly shoulder-width apart.

One would start the movement with his thighs bum muscles and then straighten his back.  He would perform this the other way around on his way back.

2. Bench Press

Muscles Involved: pecs (chest), front shoulders, traps, chest
Best for: chest, arms

Sets: Do 3 sets of 8 reps

one should get someone to spot them the first time they are attempting the bench press. One would tuck in his elbow and focus on his pecs, their movement both ways. One could also start off doing bench press on the Smith machine (large frame with fixed-movement bar). Using the Smith machine, one wouldn’t have to focus on balancing the bar, which would make it a lot easier to push up the weight.
A person who wants to perform the bench press can also do it on a flat bench. The bench press can also be performed with dumbbells, which is a sensible idea to be used while you’re planning to do bench presses at your home.

3. Overhead Presses

Muscles involved: pecs (chest), triceps, traps, delts
Best For: Shoulders

Sets: Do 3 sets of 10 reps

One should keep his straight back and engage your core by flexing his abs and straightening his back and then press, with a little force initially, the bar up. Make sure to avoid your chin. Movement of the bar that one’s using must be a straight line, up and down, clear. One should make sure to move his head back-and-forth as the bar crosses in the front of it.

4. Squats

Muscles involved: thighs, abs, upper back, traps
Best for: Activating thighs, glutenous and improves the core strength

Sets: Do 3 sets of 8 reps

To hold the bar up one’s shoulders (remember shoulders, not neck) one will have to use his leg muscles as well. The tricky part comes in when one is trying to hold the bar in front of his neck, be extra careful with this! And remember, using different muscles to balance the bar in front of the neck might seem unusual at the first but don’t worry, one gets used to it eventually.

5. Bent-Over Row

Muscles involved:  forearms and biceps, hams, shoulders, spinal erectors
Best for: Widens the back and works on biceps

Sets: Do 3 sets of 8 reps

Bent over row is surprisingly performed by bending over while one is standing up with his legs, shoulder-length apart. One could use the underhand grip to trigger bicep muscles and then pull the bar closer to his abs. Bent over row can also be performed using dumbbells. The motion will be the same, one will just have to carry a dumbbell in each hand.

Side note: This exercise activates your back and is great for your arms and back!

Above mentioned are the all-time favorite, well-known and most effective exercises, but there’s no hard and fast rule to follow a workout routine, you can always start with exercises that are easier for you and help you keep your body active. Also, keep in mind, you don’t have to perform any of the mentioned exercises if they are not recommended by your physician. 

Here’s a quick list of other full-body exercises that you might find helpful when you look them up into details and start following them in a routine:
Take away
Stair Climbing

This article addresses every detail related to full-body workout; I hope it proves to be helpful and boosts your motivation and energy to start your very own full-body workout, cuts down your  “I don’t have the motivation to start a proper full-body workout plan”, “I’m unaware of the advantages and the disadvantages of the full-body workout program”, “I’m too lazy to follow a fitness routine”, “Will a full-body workout plan help reduce my weight or should I go for something else?” or “What will be the best full-body workout plan for me” excuses, as well as answers all your related questions! Start now.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you do a full-body workout every day?
Preferably don’t do a full-body workout every day. AS full-body workout targets all the muscles so if you do it every day then the muscles don’t get proper time to recover and rest. Hence, it is advised to give at least one day rest to the muscles for the complete efficiency of your workout.

Are our full-body workouts effective?
Yes, for beginners full-body workouts are very effective. As the beginners tend to have little knowledge so they often under-train a specific muscle and over train another one. To address this issue, full-body workouts, by targeting every muscle makes sure that each muscle is properly trained.

What are the best full-body workouts?

  • Burpees.
  • Squats.
  • Pushups.
  • Cycling
  • Lunges.
  • Running.
  • Stair climbing.

Is full body workout good for weight loss?
Yes! As it uses more muscles so full-body workouts require more energy too. So to fulfill that energy needs more fat is burnt. Thereby, it is great for weight loss.

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