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Web Hosting is the service that enables your website accessible anywhere and at any time, you get some space on a computer also known as ‘serve’ that works around the clock. The files of your website are stored on this server and hence your website can be accessed by the visitors through your URL.

You can modify and add more website files into the server using a control panel also known as CMS or content management system so that you can keep your site up-to-date. These servers are large and can host hundreds of thousands of websites at a time; that’s why we only need a limited amount of space in that server according to our usage.

Your required space inside the server will be virtually divided. There are four commonly used names for different hostings knows as Shared Hosting, Reseller Hosting, Dedicated & VPS.

A common website can be hosted on a shared server and it will be sufficient for all the files. whereas, dedicated servers & VPS are used by major web platforms like Google, Facebook, etc. There are only a few well-known companies that create web servers and all great hosting sellers have the same servers.

Best Web Hosting for Small Business Websites

In the modern, fast world that we exist in, almost everyone is in the hustle of making money, setting up their own business, or finding a job. Why do people prefer setting up a small business all the time? Because it requires less investment and time and will produce a quicker output. The thing comes down to finding a hosting provider for your small business website. Selecting the best hosting service to start your small business is the most important task for you to do. If you chose a second rate giver, you will put everything at risk.

What will be the disadvantages? Less output and reduced work speed because of servers can be down at any time. So, you need a hosting that comes with 100% uptime and great customer services. their servers must be well protected so that your files stay safe all the time. The servers must be of a well-known brand so that the IP is not banned or marked as spam either by Google.

Here is the list of Our best website hostings.

Best Web Hosting Providers for Small Business

  1. Bluehost

The most advised and recommended hosting provider for small business is none other than Bluehost. According to expert research, it becomes the best business hosting service provider and is also, surprisingly appreciated as a provider for WordPress websites. Bluehost offers the best precise features. It will also offer the best customer services. These are the reasons why Bluehost becomes a great option to start up a small business. Its price varies from $2.75 to $209.99 per month.

  1. InMotion

InMotion gives a tough competition to Bluehost in its line. InMotion is not the cheapest if you are looking for a free web hoster or a basic shared hosting, but the best feature about InMotion is that it will provide you with customer support, large storage space, and the most important thing, web security! You can store as much content as you want to, can you believe it? InMotion will provide you with a service of its website builder so you can easily set up your small business. Its price varies from $6.39 to $589.99 per month.

  1. HostGator

According to the experts, HostGator stands on the third position in the list of the best web hosting 2020. HostGator will be easy for you to understand as it is self-explanatory and has a good quality of features available for you to benefit from. There is a reason why HostGator stands in the top three. It has its website builder like the inMotion. The website builder is known as the Gator. HostGator’s price ranges from $2.75 to $289 per month. HostGator will be one of the best options for you to pick out a host from.

best website hosting

  1. iPage

Technology and development never stay back in amazing us. iPage is the cheapest and easily accessible web hoster. It can be easily installed by one click by CMSs. iPage has been working on the reduction of the carbon footprint. A cheap website hosting, this is what everyone wants? If you are looking for a cheap option to set up a small business with the least possible investment and immediate output, iPage is what you need to use. However, there is always a price you will have to pay, and here, it is in the form of time. It will work slow at times. iPage’s price varies from $1.99 to $239.99 per month.

  1. A2 Hosting

For cloud hosting, A2 hosting stands at the top of the line. The best thing about A2 is that it offers Windows hosting, which most hosts do not. However, A2 Hosting does not offer Linux. A2 Hosting will offer you Plesk Onyx 17.8 control panel, can you believe? Moreover, it will offer its users the migration of free sites and installment across the load of CMSs on one click which includes WordPress. Its price varies from $3.92 to $349.99 per month. A2 will also be one of the best web hosting for WordPress for you to pick out as a host if you want to set up your own small business.

  1. GoDaddy

Godaddy stands as the “largest” domain registrar, and that too, worldwide! Godaddy provides a web hosting service and a website builder both, it is a two in one. All your problems solved at one platform. You will not have to surf for them separately and search up for the right answer. Your answer is Godaddy. Godaddy offers a good uptime which helps it stand first in the line of the hosters providing all in one service. Godaddy will provide you with a domain, great hosting services, and a website. You are all set for your new small business. Go rock the world. GoDaddy’s price ranges from $7.99 to $349.99 per month.

  1. SiteGround

One hoster that will provide you the on-point and fine features is SiteGround. Even though SiteGround does not stand in the line of the cheapest web hosting service provider, but it does provide you with more than what you can expect from just one website hosting service provider. It will work in multiple directions with CMSs and with just on your one click. SiteGround will also give you free of cost email accounts where you can store your daily backups. SiteGround is one of those website hosting service providers that give you an option of 24 hours phone call and live chat customer services. SiteGround also provides a comprehensive knowledge center. Its price range is from $3.95 to $729 per month.

  1. DreamHost

WordPress’s recommendation never turns out to be wrong and not when it is one of three. Yes, that is right, DreamHost is one of the three. DreamHost includes the WordPress hosting in the basic plan it has shared. Compared to the DreamPress, the Dreamhost provides more bells and whistles. Isn’t it amazing? So much in just $3 per month if you are going to pay annually, and only a $5 added to the original price if you want to add email. Affordable and secure. What else would a person need? In addition to that, it provides a free trial period based on 97 days. And, do not forget that if you do not like using it, you have a full money-back guarantee! Moreover, the reliability of Dreamhost can be tested by the fact that the price is visible and it would not rise after the initial contract.

  1. Hostinger

If you are searching up to set your domain, Hostinger is all you need to know. Hosting allows you to host a domain and users who do not even know how to code can easily benefit it. You do not have to be a properly skilled web designer to use Hostinger; it is a user-friendly and self-explanatory service. If you are planning to use WordPress or to start designing a website, Hostinger will provide you with a premium web hosting service. Hosting has a very fast speed, to be precise, 350 ms, so it will boost your work speed to a whole next level. Customer service is provided, and to your surprise, in so many different languages so you will not have to translate the solution. Hostinger offers both premium and basic package so you can always pick out one according to your requirement and affordability.

PBN Hosting Features to Look for

If you are creating a private blog network then you will be needing multiple spaces indifferent servers having unique IP addresses. there are some features given below to look for before buying space for PBN websites.

  • Good customer support
  • Good uptime
  • Verification is easier
  • Reseller options
  • Secure – can not be easily hacked
  • Reliable
  • Speedy – no delay in work
  • Offers live chat support
  • Free trial period
  • Money-back guarantee
  • No increase in price after the initial contract
  • Affordable/cheap
  • Clean IPs that have real websites
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