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Before heading onto the main topic which is cheap domain registration, I would like to drop some hints and information for the beginners. In case you are new to this and you have no clue to a domain registration means, I will help you out. Domain name registration is the reservation of the name of your website for some time. The time depends on the registrar and the plan you are picking out but it lasts mostly 1 year.

Everyone wants the best and at the least price. And I can guess that for you as well; you want the same. The same questions arise in your mind when you start searching up for domain registration sites. Questions are, “What are the best domain registration sites?” and “Where can I get a cheap domain registration from?” Isn’t that the case? Do not worry; it is normal and common. And we have all these solutions for you. Some people even search up for free domain registration possibilities. Let us look into what are the odds for that.

Best Domain Name Registration Sites

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  1. is not only very commonly used and appreciated because of its domain management tools which include secure private registration, email accounts, and DNS management, but also because of its features like easy transfers and bulk registrations. stands at the top of the list of “top domain registration sites” because it offers so much altogether. also enables its users to buy web hosting from them. Isn’t it amazing? And for further ease, you can always contact their ever helping customer support through an email. A live chat option is also available! And, the most amazing thing about being the best domain registration site is that even if you want to register just a mere domain name, and not start web hosting, you can do that! Not only this, but there is also great news for the readers of this article. offers 25% off its domain products on the coupon “Nameboy”. Conclusively, allows you to register to all the best available domain name extensions. It is undoubtedly the best option for you.

  1. Namecheap

In the list of “top domain registration sites”, Namecheap stands on the top. Its speedy and reliable domain search tool will help its users out to search up a great domain name and will put its brains on work when you do not have a suggested domain name.  Just like, Namecheap also provides amazing add-on services like domain privacy which almost every user is looking out for. Namecheap also provides a premium DNS offer. However, you will have to initially understand how Namecheap works as it is a bit complicated and not as self-explanatory as the other domain registration websites. But this one drawback does not take away all the pros of Namecheap. It provides privacy with their domain names which are the most important and amazing thing. And it is free of cost. So if you are still looking for the best domain registration website, your search ends, it is right here. Namecheap is what you need to use. Trust me, you will not regret it.

  1. DreamHost

Here is what you were all waiting for: Free Domain Name! Yes, this was not just a statement, it is true! DreamHost offers a free domain name along with domain privacy for anyone who signs up for their shared unlimited hosting plan. Can you believe it? The answer all of us have been searching for stands in front of us in the form of “DreamHost”. DreamHost undoubtedly is one of the most appreciated and used domain name registration website and also as a web hoster. The advantages are all it has to offer. Assisting its users to the maximum and offering the best at the least possible price. And that is not just it; you can also use DreamHost as a domain registration website without purchasing hosting through it. It will cost you about $8.99 per year. And this cheap domain registration website will also offer you free private registration within that $8.99 for a year. It is now, the best domain registration website for sure. Lastly, DreamHost also has some great domain management tools which will add to the ease DreamHost has provided to its users.

  1. Shopify

You might have heard about Shopify as an eCommerce place that enables people to set up their eCommerce stores without any special expertise but Shopify also has other features. Shopify is a well-known domain name registration website and it enables its users to set up their custom domain name. It also provides a great feature which is a business name generator which will let you know all the available domain names for your new business. The advantage of using Shopify as your domain name registration website is that you can move away with all the other services you need. However, Shopify does not provide email addresses for the respective domain names which seem to be a bit of a disadvantage to its users. But there is an alternative or a solution for everything in the world. You can use email forwarders instead.

  1. Bluehost

Bluehost is well known for its web hosting service; it is given worldwide and is greatly approved and appreciated. Bluehost is also known for its hosting partnership with WordPress. Bluehost offers domain registration services along with its web hosting service. This is what everyone searches for,” free website hosting and domain name registration”. This two in one is what all of us deserve. Along with its various advantages, Bluehost is giving out an SSL certificate a discount on web hosting. Lastly, you can make a start at $2.75/month. The domain name will be free of cost! What could turn out to be a better option than Bluehost as a domain name registration website? You need to start using it; you will not regret it. After all, who regrets a free domain name and reliability? No one, this is all that we look for- cheap domain name registration.

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