9 Top Free Payroll Software

Payroll management is one of the most important tasks for the company. Basically, in simple words, it is the calculation of the salaries of the employees working in a particular organization. These net salaries are calculated after taking into consideration all the aspects for example the deduction of taxes, the addition of any bonus, percentage increment, etc. In the past, these tasks were carried out on excel spreadsheets but this was a very tiring, tedious, and time taking task. Moreover, there was a very high risk of errors as a human used to make these spreadsheets and humans are prone to make errors. According to a study carried out by the University of Hawaii as far as 88 percent of the spreadsheets used to make payrolls contain errors.

To address these issues Payroll software has now become the basic necessity of any enterprise. There are hundreds of payroll software that work to make the task of a company a great deal easier. Some of them are free, other need payment. Following is a list of the best free payroll software that you can download for your company.


The best payroll software is Payroll4Free. For up to 25 people it is free, which makes it the best option for smaller businesses that have employees lesser than 25. After 25 the fee is $35 per month. Smaller businesses get a range of features for free through this software. The software has a detailed way of marking the attendance of the employees. Its special features allow us to keep in record different sorts of leaves like sick, vacation, and PTO Time and then automatically calculate the salary according to the provided data. There are also features of tax calculation and automatic deduction too that are again very helpful for a company. Furthermore, it provides a step to step help in setting up the software making it easy to work with. Employees can themselves see their details on any of their gadgets too. However, critics say that it lacks many advanced features that the paid software provides. These features save hours and in the long run prove extremely helpful for the company.


Another free payroll software is the software. This is Malaysia based software that runs completely free of cost and like Payroll4free it does not has any limit of employees. It also has the capacity of calculating the overtime and sick leaves and then adding or deducting this amount from the gross salary. A detailed report is also available for the user to visit. However, one setback of is that the taxes of the employees, their garnishment, and the benefits are not calculated by this software so an alternative arrangement is required for that. 

3) Gusto

Another rather famous payroll software widely used in the united states of America is Gusto. It has a free trial for the first 30 days after which you have to pay a $39 base price and $6 per employee price. The software does plenty of tasks itself. The software itself files taxes, makes the profiles of the employees, tracks the PTO, issues Health benefits, and provides a very helpful chat, phone, and email support. It is supported in all 50 states of the US and is the best alternative from hiring HR professionals that may cost as much as 50 thousand dollars.

4) Quick-Books Desktop Pro

This particular software helps organizing all of the business finances together and then makes it easier for the user to access the data. It is known for its ease of access as it requires absolutely no accounting knowledge to learn and set up this software. It is user-friendly software and also has a free trial. The customization is also quite easy and it is particularly designed for users looking for an “easy to work with” software. It has been rated 4.3 which is quite a reasonable rating.

5) TimeTrex

This robust time-classification software is known for its time tracking features. It keeps notes of the times of work of the employees in a detailed way. It also provides the facility of managing HR and thus it is another free payroll software that is among the best. However, it is also criticized that the paid versions of TimeTrex are good but the unpaid versions don’t work very well.

6) eSmart Paycheck

eSmart Paycheck also provides a three-month free trial . its paid version is highly praised because you just have to enter the deductions, earnings, bonuses, and other additions or subtractions in your salary and it automatically calculates the salary free of cost in just a second. Further, it also has a customer service center that addresses the issues in the best possible manner.

7) Bamboo Hr

Bamboo Hr is also free payroll software. It is easy to handle the software. More than 17000 employers including Quora, Prodigy finance, MemberClicks, British Study Centers use this to efficiently calculate the salaries of the employees. The software uses indicators to show the engagement of the employees and has different approaches if the company is facing an issue in the engagement of the employees.

8) Baraza HR

Like TimeTrex the free version of Braza HCM has no limit for the number of employees. It also does not provide a ten or twenty-day trial but is completely free for a lifetime. It also has the features of calculation and payment of taxes. Recruitment management, performance management, arbitration management, leave management, employee management and casuals management is among the other main facilities that this software provides.

9) Pay-People

PayPeople is the most widely used payroll software in Pakistan. The main reason for its high use is that the latest tax reports and laws have been added to it. It has been kept up to date according to the laws of Pakistan. Over 500 companies including Shell, Timmy’s, AkzoNobel, Novartis, and Imarat group of companies use this to keep track of the salaries of the employees in the best possible manner.

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