The Best Healthy Fast Food Options That You Need

Fast food is rapidly gaining popularity nowadays due to its quick availability and on spot delivery. A study conducted in the UK shows that approximately 16% of the 18 to 24-year-old respondents said that they often went to fast food outlets once a week, at the minimum. And if that isn’t all, fast food companies now also provide customers the facility of home delivery, so you can order a pizza while stretching out and relaxing in your home. According to a survey, nearly 400 thousand 14-year-old and older Germans made multiple uses of pizza delivery services in a week.

Healthy Alternatives to Fast Food

While it doesn’t hurt to enjoy a burger or pizza now and then, however, repeatedly consuming fast food can cause many diseases such as type 2 diabetes, stroke, and in some extreme cases, heart disease, leading to an early death. Therefore, it is necessary to find healthy alternatives to fast food such as:

  • Kale chips, vegetable fries made from parsnips
  • It is best to leave donuts in favor of Power balls, which not only possess a similar soft texture such as donuts but are also full of protein and nutrients.
  • Homemade smoothies such as Peanut Butter Oat smoothie are an excellent alternative to traditional milkshakes and are healthy, nutritional, and energy-packed food.
  • A combination of sparkling water and fresh fruit is the perfect fizzy drink to ward off the heat of the sun or to enjoy a movie on your T.V.
  • Lemon water is an ideal drink to have with your food as it provides both the satisfaction of drinking a cold drink as well as fulfilling your daily vitamin C requirements.

healthy fast food options

How to change your junk food diet to a healthier diet?

Fast Food Requires Less Cooking Time

Suppose you are a worker and employee who has to report to his office very early in the morning. More often than not, getting dressed up properly and getting together your office equipment takes all of your time. This means that there isn’t enough time to cook up a proper breakfast or to whip up even healthy fast food. In such cases, people tend to dine at restaurants or food outlets that provide a quick service and cheap, healthy fast food that can be eaten quickly. Moreover, it is important to be fully aware of the large varieties of healthy fast food that are being introduced on a day to day basis, it is necessary to have maximum knowledge of healthy fast food 2019 if you want to keep up with the times and eat cheap, healthy fast food that suits your mood.

How to find which fast food to eat

Nowadays, people are busy trying to find ways to reduce the time spent on eating hence they turn towards fast food as a time-saving alternative. However, most people do not know what type of fast food is healthy and jam-packed with nutrition. Therefore, it is best if you discuss this topic with your dietician who can tell you all that you need to know or if you wish to avoid the trouble of getting an appointment or wasting your money, then it is best if you search for a fast food guide on the internet. Low carbon fast food is good for health and is easily available in nearby restaurants.

Fast-food Diet plan to Follow

  • You can improve your diet and health by eating fast food that is low in calories and contains unsaturated fats.
  • Ensure that your daily fast food calorie intake does not exceed 500 calories.
  • If you like to eat sandwiches, burgers and other similar types of fast food, refrain from choosing family offers or large orders, rather, choose the smallest size.
  • For fewer calories, it is recommended that you order off the kid’s menu.
  • Instead of eating fried chicken, go for roasted meat for decreased calories.
  • Preferably eat only a single burger patty.
  • Avoid bacon as it is a calorie saturated diet.

diet plan

Healthy fast food that you should eat

There is a list of fast food which you can eat on the go and which provide your body with nutrients and proteins that you need such as

  • Burger King’s veggie burger is a storehouse of fiber, nutrition, and proteins and is also a low-calorie fast food having only 390 calories.
  • Subway’s tuna salad sub would be the perfect fast food for you and you can add as many veggie toppings as you want, it wouldn’t affect the calorie rate of the meal significantly.
  • If you are a sandwich fan who is looking for low-calorie sandwiches then KFC’s Honey BBQ sandwich is just the thing for you as it contains only 3.5 grams of fat with only 280 calories.

And if you want to try something sweet, then check out the oatmeal available at Starbucks Not only does it provide you with the proteins and fiber you need daily but it is also an ideal choice if you are in a hurry to go somewhere and just wanted to grab a quick bite. And if that isn’t enough, restaurants such as McDonald’s not only providing healthy fast food but, due to their large popularity, have outlets in many countries around the globe hence they are easily accessible to anyone wanting a quick and healthy snack before heading off to work. However, consuming fast food regularly can cause obesity and increase your body fat dramatically which can cause heart disease and other illnesses in the long run so you shouldn’t make eating fast food your daily habit.

The internet can help you with finding fast food outlets in your area

Nowadays, the internet is often the best solution for many problems, and searching for healthy fast food options is no exception. If you want to enjoy healthy fast food at a nearby restaurant then all that you have to do is search “Healthy fast food near me” or if you want to be more specific in knowing the types of the fast-food available, you can search “Healthy food options near me” which will bring you straight to all the restaurants and food outlets that provide healthy food to customers. Healthy food options are necessary for good physical and mental growth but nowadays due to busy life and workload, many people do not have the time to enjoy a full breakfast, therefore, they should check out some of the fast-food diets mentioned above.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who has the healthiest fast food?

Chipotle, Chick fil A and Wendy’s provide healthy fast food that is locally manufactured and in the case of Chick fil A, doesn’t contain Trans fat

What is the healthiest take-out food?

To decrease the calorie intake, choose a veggie burger, beans which can provide you with fiber and seafood instead of other meats.

How can I eat healthily at a fast-food restaurant?

Avoid French fries or similar side dishes, rather eat fruits and salad. Only eat roasted meats, avoid bacon and beverages such as soda. Don’t use mayonnaise and if eating pizza, prefer thin crust with veggie toppings.

What is the lowest calorie fast food?

Honey Mustard coated grilled snack wrap at McDonald’s (260 calories),
Roasted chicken garden salad at Chick fil A (180 calories)
The chargrilled Chicken sandwich at Chick fil A (270 calories)

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