How to Become a Fashion Designer | Complete Guide

Fashion is a form of art. Undoubtedly, this avant-garde is like a bare canvas on which everyone splashes different colors and ideas to create a magical piece of their own. It is not exactly what’s trending; it’s how you make it trend. Executing these innovative ideas and creating a classical piece might seem to be easy but it is a painstaking task. As it requires a thorough insight into fashion designing, the field of fashion designing is largely adopted by several individuals and they are doing their best to succeed in their new ventures in the modern era. You might be thinking what exactly is the trick behind fashion designing? Believe me, it is not complicated; it just requires smart and effective planning to accomplish your goals. This article is all about ‘How to become a fashion designer?’

Scope of Fashion designing

The first question that makes everyone hesitant for giving a whirl at fashion designing is its ‘scope’.

Is it hard to become a fashion designer?

This word ‘scope’ has shattered plenty of dreams but you don’t need to worry about it all. If you feel a burning passion inside you, give it a shot because it’s not about how hard something is. It is about how much efforts you put into it. This is the first step.

What is the salary of a fashion designer? Is fashion designing a good career?

The average annual salary of a fashion designer is $50,793. Therefore, it is undoubtedly one of the best-paid jobs in the world because fashion never goes out of trend. Fashion designing is a profitable business in which you can start by targeting a higher ratio of national customers and go on to expanding your craft on an international level.

Initial Steps

Before you go for academic learning, you can always do a few things to keep yourself connected to fashion designing even during high school years. Besides, if academic learning of fashion designing is not feasible, you can always do little effort to master your passion and become a fashion designer without a degree.

1. Work on skills: drawing, draping, sewing, styling, matching, editing, detailing, visualizing, multi-tasking, organizing, and a lot more business skills as well.

2. Read fashion magazines and blogs

3. Create samples: the manifestation of your ideas is the key.

4. Follow designers and get inspiration

5. Attend workshops, minor courses or fashion weeks

6. Make and change trends

7. Interact with people associated with fashion designing

8. Browse on the internet about trends

Professional adaptation of Fashion designing

Where and what to study to become a fashion designer?

If you are determined enough to pursue this as a career and become a full-fledged fashion designer, you should plan for a professional qualification in Fashion Designing. Enroll yourself in a top-notch fashion school and polish your skills from scratch and in your specified field. Parsons, The New School for Design is one of the most prestigious fashion schools that have produced eminent designers like Marc Jacobs, Tom Ford, Prabal Gurung, and Donna Karan. Other great options include the Fashion Institute of Technology; New York, Pratt Institute, Kent State University, Ohio; and Academy of Art University in San Francisco, California. 

How many years does it take to be a fashion designer?

You must be confused about this. Nevertheless, it entirely depends on your courses and degree programs. Choose academic courses wisely that pave your way to success in the fashion industry. Eventually, with formalized studies, you will be able to study fashion merchandising, fashion journalism, and fashion marketing and excel in the business world of Fashion designers. It is imperative for you to take some technicalities into consideration. Thus, choose fashion designing programs that include the following crafts:

1. Planning a product’s life cycle
2. Advanced Textiles
3. Figure drawing
4. Pattern making
5. History of fashion designing
6. Fashion illustration
7. Fitting
8. Creative designing

It is vital to choose courses and programs that chisel all your skills, give you a new perspective and exposure to fashion designing and make this choice a benchmark in your life.

Choose your craft; Make a portfolio

By the time you have completed your degree in fashion designing, you are aware of different fields and spheres a fashion designer can go into. At that time, you still might be discovering your passion but you need to make a decision. Understand what exactly interests you. You want to try your hands in formal wear or casual attire; you want to learn more about women or men apparel. Similarly, decide whether you have to restrict yourselves to designing clothes or go beyond the horizon to master the art of jewelry making, bag designing, shoes, or other accessories. Accessories play a major part in fashion. Don’t ever forget that.

Now comes the next part that plays a huge role in introducing you to the professional world of fashion designing; making a captivating portfolio. Here are some steps you need to follow:

Step To Follow

Step1: Research and more research: Look for current trends, upcoming collections, innovative ideas, skill-building techniques, aspiring fashion designers, and as much as you can so that your portfolio is attractive and up to date.

Step2: Remarkable Organizing: It is paramount to organize your ideas and plans and give a structure to your profile. Add your priorities, write about experiences, explain details, avoid scattered ideas, focus on the chronological order, and most importantly communicate well.

Step3: Providing Evidence: Only the talk won’t do. You will have to gather your best pieces of work done during your degree program and add them up. Pick out the examples that showcase your ingenious ideas, which are unique and well-developed.

Step4: Arranging: After you are done with all this, properly arrange your stuff. Don’t miss out on the important details and find a good platform to share your portfolio.

Note: Always remember, Portfolio, for a fashion designer, is a summary of his/her efforts and plans. It has to be comprehensive.

Theoretical to Practical

This is the final stage that will make or break you. This step requires patience and a lot of hard work. You might dream of just starting up your own business or launching a studio but the execution of these plans is not as easy as it seems. You are just a beginner at that point and you need a lot of money, workers, and resources to attain that level of excellence. First things first you have to understand that it is not going to be an overnight success journey.

You will have to start with internships and low-paid jobs under someone’s supervision who is experienced in fashion designing. You have to get as much exposure as you can and learn about how to sell your product? Broaden your vision and observe details of marketing, advertising, customer service, and focus on enhancing your product quality to get a greater reach in your practical life of fashion designing. 

You can also start with an online business so that the investment in making a fancy studio is saved enough to provide finance for a quality product. This can flourish your business as people will demand outlets. In addition to this, you can go for partnerships if you lack a high budget or other resources. Consequently, with tactical insights, impactful policies, and efficient management you can start your own business. Be creative and unique in the products you sell in the market and make sure the targeted class that can afford your products is wide-ranged in the beginning. 



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