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 “HOW TO START RUNNING?” For any person who wants to start running but constantly fails to initiate getting into a running routine, certainly, this is a million-dollar question. The following article will discuss in detail everything you need to know if you intend to start running.

How to start running when overweight?

Experts suggest that if you are out of shape due to obesity you should not just go and start running by yourself. This will only increase the risk of an injury for you. Rather, you should start slowly by first taking a ten-minute long brisk walk. When blood starts to rush into your muscles, increase the pace, and start running for a minute or so. After that start walking fast again for about two minutes and then repeat this. Make sure to not take a complete break from running, rather take an “active rest” between the running intervals.

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How to start running to lose weight?

Don’t run too much. If you can run only 15 minutes and you run for an hour, you may presume that you are doing great but in actuality, you won’t get the desired results. Rather, you won’t like to go running after only a few days. Moreover, your main motive is to lose weight and get in shape so you should do everything to make that possible. Running an hour will make you hungrier and thus you would eat more.
The calories burnt would be returned to your body and the whole purpose of the running would be lost.

Hence, a much better option is to just run 30 minutes instead of an hour. This will not squeeze out all of your energy and you won’t be starving after the workout. To lose weight you must do two things simultaneously. Run more, eat less! Another, complicated but more perfect way of losing weight is to calculate the daily number of calorie intake and the total number of calories burnt. By comparing it with your calorie requirements according to your BMI, make sure you have a lesser intake than required. Only then will you lose weight.

How to start running at the age of 40, 50, and 60?

Aged people have a higher risk of injury because their joints are weaker. Thus when they run they must keep this in their mind. As Bennett Cohen says in one of his books, people aged about 40 should start by walking thirty minutes and then divide this half an hour into 10 equal segments of 3 minutes each. Start by running for only thirty seconds and then walking for two minutes and thirty seconds.

If you want to start running at the age of 50, first of all, go to a health specialist and discuss it with him/her. After that formulate a full-fledged plan. If you are healthy enough, you can surely start jogging at the age of 50. It is a great way to keep you in shape and repel you from a lot of diseases.

If you start running after the age of 60, you must only run/walk. Buy good quality running shoes and while buying them consider comfort as your priority. Decide a route, stick to the plan, don’t run too much and you are good to go. Additionally, running after 60 is indeed a difficult task; if you succeed in doing so treat yourself to boost up your spirit.

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How to start running again?

Initiate your comeback by just short run/walks. Back up your running with cross-training. Exercise and stretch the relevant muscles regularly. It is also advised to join a running group as it will keep you motivated. Moreover, stay safe, and only after you get strong enough, start the regular running schedule you had before.

How long should I run for a beginner? Don’t exert too much on your very first day.

As a beginner, you should run about two to three miles per day. Try to cover this distance in about half an hour. Use the run/walk method that is taking short breaks for walks after every 2 to 3 minutes of running.  Adjust your routine in a way that you run for about three to four days a week as addressed in the following question.

Can I run every day as a beginner?

For beginners, it is not advised at all to run every day. When you exert a muscle much more than what it can handle, you risk some sort of an injury. The best way is to run three to four days a week only if you are a beginner. When you get used to this routine and find your muscles competent enough to cope with the running of four days a week, you can surely increase it. You can also add cross-training to your running routine in your rest days to get even better results. However, muscles need rest to rebuild and get stronger so remember to provide them with this. Elsewise, you may get poor results out of your effort.

How do I start jogging for the first time?

Before starting any workout, stretching is highly advised. After a little stretching going on for a one to a two-minute brisk walk is very helpful. When your heart rate starts to get used to it and your muscles start to comply with the brisk, start running. Remember to use the run/walk method as a beginner. Elsewise you will get bored out too early and would not be able to continue your running routine.

How do you start running when you hate it?


First of all, find motivation. If you commit to yourself and start putting in a dedicated effort, you can do wonders. A common mistake most of the beginners make is when they don’t get the desired results in a week or two, they just stop running. It is the worst decision you could take. JUST KEEP RUNNING. Secondly, try to make running a better experience rather than making a too serious workout. Try to remember a meme or any anecdote. To be honest, it is all in your mind, control your mind and you will see the difference.

Moreover, you can get related equipment like the Tracking Watch, a comfortable Running Attire, elite quality Running shoes to help you support this effort of yours. You can get a lot of variety in this regard at Amazon.

Further, set a goal! When you achieve it, give yourself some sort of reward. It could be anything that motivates you. This will surely improve your interest in running.

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