How to Stop DDoS Attacks?

DDoS Meaning

“Distributed Denial of Service” is a cyber-attack in which a website experiences unusual bloom in traffic. Due to this unusual bloom, the true users are unable to access the website and the website goes down for some time.

For example, if your website sells garments and there is another competing website so the competing website may hire certain computer experts to design a DDoS cyber-attack that breaches into the security of your internet and obstruct the usual functioning of your website. To simplify it in very simple words following is an example: if there is a specific road that goes to a specific garments shop and one fine morning the whole road is jammed with traffic then the usual customers would not be able to reach the shop. This in turn will prove as a loss for the shop. Quite similarly, DDoS attacks make sure that all of the available bandwidth to reach the website is consumed which disallows any interested customer to reach out to the website too.

To carry out this task many computers are aligned to work together as botnets and target a particular site. These botnets run a coordinated attack and fill a website with huge loads of traffic causing it to get jammed. In past, there have been many famous DDoS attacks. In one weekend Reddit, Paypal, Twitter, and the New York Times all went down because of an attack. Known companies like Pinterest, GitHub, Amazon, PlayStation, and even Google have faced the same problem repeatedly. 6 major US Banks that include JP Morgan Chase, Citigroup Bank, Bank of America, U.S. Bancorp and the PNC Bank were also under the DDoS attack in 2012. A study from Neustar found out that a DDoS attack can prove a loss of more than $250,000 per hour.

DDoS Prevention

As far as the DDoS attacks are concerned they are very complex. So to battle them you must have a full-fledged plan to work when the system goes under attack. A proper defense strategy that works comprehensively to handle the situation can prove very helpful. You must form a system checklist that analyses the regular work and in time of a risk, it identifies it the soonest. 

To make your system less prone to attacks just make sure to install updates as it closes more and more loopholes and makes it difficult for the attackers to carry out their evil intentions. VPNs, firewalls, content filtering, anti-spam, and load balancing are some examples of the multi-step strategies you must have in place.

Moreover, you must be able to understand when exactly your system is under attack. This helps you to work faster and counter the situation in a much more organized way. The signs for an attack are unusual slow speed, shutting down of the website, connectivity issues, and maybe an unusual bloom in the number of emails.

How to stop DDoS Attacks

There are various steps of stopping the DDoS attacks the first one being the identification and the realization that the system is under an attack. The sooner you know this, the sooner will you act. Secondly, increase the bandwidth to two hundred to five hundred percent. These will although not stop the DDoS attack from taking place but you will get to know about the attack much faster and the website can use its sources accordingly. If you are connected to an internet service provider then immediately contact them and ask them to resolve the issue as they will have more professionals and also more experience in dealing with such situations. However, if the DDoS attack is very severe, you must contact a DDoS mitigation company. Within two minutes using BGP they transfer the traffic elsewhere and your system is free to run once again. Other services like the PureVPN and Cloudflare may also be helpful.

How to stop DDoS attacks on a router, NetGear Routers, and PS4?

  • Try to make the detection of your IP Address very difficult.
  • Use the latest antivirus available to make sure that you are not yourself helping the DDoS to do its task.
  • Use only official servers like Xbox Live, Steam, and PlayStation Network so that your IP address does not go to any third-party server.
  • Try not to accept voice chats from any unknown person.
  • Keep changing your IP address from time to time. This is a very easy task and takes only a little time. On a Windows PC type “cmd” in the command prompt. Then enter “ipconfig /release”. After that enter “ipconfig /renew”.On an Apple Computer go to Apple Menu and click Network in the System Preferences. In the DHCP services choose your network.  In the “Advanced” click on the TCP/IP and then on the “Renew DHCP Lease.” If it requires the computer to be restarted then restart the computer to change the IP Address.
  • While playing games on the PS4 many gamers also experience the same issue of DDoS. If you are facing such an issue immediately contact the game management and tell them your concern. The uninterrupted gaming experience is all a gamer wants. Ask the game management to tackle the issue and provide a better, uninterrupted, and safer environment for gamers.
  • The router itself also has inbuilt protection for such the DDoS attacks. Make sure that “Disable Port Scan and DoS Protection” is NOT checked. If it is checked uncheck it so that the router can itself use its inbuilt security mechanisms too to reduce the probability of the router is under a DDoS attack.

Take Away Note!

As technology is getting advances, the risks are also increasing. The best way to avoid such risks is to first have a general knowledge about them and then making sure that you do the preventive maintenance of your website or anything you are working with. According to a report in only one year, there has been a thirty-five percent increase in the DDoS attacks. If the above-mentioned strategies are well used then it will surely help one in any situation concerning the DDoS attack.

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