Linux Mint Vs. Ubuntu | How to Choose?

Are you confused between which OS to pick? Are you a tech freak asking for something new? Or are u a noob looking for answers? Feed your curiosity by giving a read to the article below:

Noob’s Guide (Insight to Linux):

You thought only operating systems out in the market competing were Windows and MAC OS didn`t you?. In reality, there are many other operating systems in line for competing. The vision seen by a single person became a reality seen by so many. This made into a developing community known as Linux.  This was created with the aim to make the user more independent and more in charge of their PC. Linux became the family of the open-source Operating System based on the Linux kernel.

To know about these operating systems you have to first know about the basic architect of a system: there is a hard drive, a kernel, an Operating System, and applications.

For you might think that not much is done as you type a character or open any application. In reality, there is a huge amount of processing going on in the background to provide you an output you desire. And before the presence of OS, users had to type indirect commands to make the hardware perform.

So what is the kernel? How important it is? A quick overview of these questions is that kernel is the most important component of the operating system. It works as the processing bridge between the hardware and the Operating System. Kernel stands not importance alone it needs hardware, OS, and applications to be able to function.


Linux Mint and Ubuntu both are one of the main Linux distros in the Linux Community. Both being open source, both being a great option for a newbie who is entering the Linux user zone Linux Mint and Ubuntu are the same yet are miles away from each other. So with the same kernel that is Linux what is the difference between both operating systems? I have discussed both in the bellow and have talked about the features present in both. At the end of it, I have given my preference as a user to Linux.

Installation and System Requirements:

The installation process of both operating systems is quite similar, yet the is slight flexibility in Ubuntu`s approach giving a bit edge over Linux mint.

 The system requirements for both differ as Ubuntu demands more specifications from its hardware than Linux mint. Due to this Ubuntu runs smoothly on the new hardware but not in old hardwire. Linux mint works the same in both old and new hardware and there is no lagging or such.


Though Linux mint comes with cinnamon as its default interface, it can have other Linux destock environment. This cinnamon interface is very user friendly and is a good start OS for those shifting from windows OS. This interface provides a pleasing menu and personalizing stuff. Linux mint promotes usability by beautiful attractive icons categorized and panel at the bottom same as windows interface making it easier for use.

Whereas Ubuntu comes with genome as its default interface has a modern look to its menu and provides the user with the beautiful backgrounds that can be set according to the user’s taste. Ubuntu is popular for Linux desktop and servers.

Performance and Gaming experience:

Linux mint has an edge over the Ubuntu for its speed, as former runs smoother than the latter in both old and new PCs. Ubuntu is however very good with modern devices.

Both these Linux distros provide the same level of gaming experience however since Linux mint uses fewer resources than it counters OS so gives slightly better performance. For new modern hardware, Ubuntu does provide amazing compatibility.

Both come with the steam which provides more than 3000 games to the Linux distros users enhancing the availability for games for them just like any other OS. In the end, it wouldn’t be wrong to say somehow both will provide round bout same Gaming experience.


Linux Mint and Ubuntu both allow one to update their versions the moment they are available. Ubuntu Every six months releases an upgraded version. Whereas Linux mint does not have a planned update timing instead its update can be predicted that can be few months after the update of Ubuntu’s Long term Support version.

Both of them have user-friendly software updaters that are easy to use. So u use software updater pre-installed with the Ubuntu from where u install, download, and check for OS or application update.

Community Support:

If we take into consideration the community support of both the OSs than Ubuntu is supported by, a large cooperate company, Canonical along with the community-driven support teams from around the globe. Whereas Linux mint has a support from cluster of companies acting as partners along with worldwide community groups who sponsor and donate for the progress and development of the OS. Linux also relies on donations from individual users. Even though the market share of Linux is three percent it has the most responsive community which provides rapid solutions when be.

Linux Vs. Ubuntu | Who wins it for me?

I would prefer Linux mint as it is faster and works fine with less spec PC and has round about the same response on old and new hardware but has few drawbacks like in update and community support.

However, being a beginner to the Linux distros who are shifting from windows and have few tech knowledge I believe Linux mint is much preferable for them. In the end, it would be suggested to look into the gain and the loss of from both the OS and compare with your requirement. I hope it came in handy into helping you make a decision about which Operating system to shoot for in the Linux world. And to help get out of the Windows and Mac Operating system.

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