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It is said that of out 5, about 1 person in the US is going through a mental health issue in a year. But sadly, hundreds and thousands of people do not receive proper mental health treatments or therapies due to various reasons that will be discussed in this article shortly. There are a lot of barriers between people facing mental health issues and its treatment which is why NAMI that stands for National Alliance on Mental Illness stated that so many people are suffering from mental health issues. It becomes one of the reasons why people participate in Mental Health Awareness Month. It has been occurring annually since May 1949.

Purpose of Mental Health Awareness Month

As suggested by its name, Mental Health Awareness Month has the sole purpose of creating “Awareness” in people about the mental illnesses and silent suffering of those who do not know or do not speak. People tend to run away from their actual problems as they think they might not be real or that they will not be accepted by society. And that is exactly what we call lack of awareness.

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About 18% of Americans suffer from different mental health illnesses like bipolar disorder and depression and they deal with the mundane life along with these burdens on their heads. The awareness program also intends to create awareness about suicide and about how to rescue suicidal people from their wells of depression. Ultimately, mental health awareness month is aimed to make people realize how important mental health is and without it, a person might be able to perform his tasks properly as it hinders the progress and has devastating effects- or worse, sometimes even death.


The most important question that stands is “What are the beneficial outcomes of a successful Mental Health Awareness Month?” The question is natural and vital for especially for parents who hinder the way of their children receiving proper Mental Health treatments after they have been diagnosed with an illness. The parents need to see the good outcomes of these treatments so that they can take a step ahead and give their children what they deserve.


  • It helps maintain healthy habits
  • Keeps your lifestyle healthy
  • You will have a peaceful state of mind
  • You will FEEL happy
  • It will help you heal from traumas and acknowledge what has happened to you
  • It will keep your relationships healthy and closer to you
  • It will help you put in energy in your relationships and give out the love that your loved ones deserve
  • It will allow it to forgive your past mistakes and love yourself
  • It will help you achieve your set goals and enable you to set if you do not any at the moment
  • Your life will become meaningful

Become A Mental Health Awareness Month Hero

You can play a crucial role in this Nobel cause too, you just have to follow the right path. Enlight yourself first and then spread the light.

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Educate Yourself

How can you educate yourself sitting at home? There are numerous ways in which you can educate yourself. First off, the acceptance comes from within you. You need to accept that it is true and believe those who tell you they are suffering from mental illness. And if you are the one suffering from a mental illness, it is as vital as it was before, to accept what you. You can learn about it from the internet, search up a counselor or a therapist, and pay daily visits to them, you can attend weeks and months organizations arranged for mental health awareness purposes. Later on, you can fulfill the main target of mental health awareness month, which is to create awareness and spread its knowledge. You can experience and grow and help others flourish and grow through what they are experiences.

Joining hands in Creating Awareness

After the admirable and constant work of Mental Health America, other organizations joined hands in the campaign to create awareness about the mental illness, and the Mental Health Awareness Month was taken to a new height. Many small organizations rose to contribute to this noble cause. The National Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day stands as one of the most important organizations to work for Mental Health Awareness. People do not tend to believe children when they talk about their mental health; it is not acknowledged. Another event was organized by the authorities which were funded by the Mental Health Services Administration and Substance Abuse together. Some other NGOs and organizations also raised a fund and worked tirelessly to give this noble cause new heights. The impact, small or big, is everlasting and incomparable to any other effort.

Some other really important mental health awareness programs include The Mental Health Illness Awareness Week. National Depression Screening Day and Minority Mental Health Month (The work of these organizations was undeniably beneficial and much needed in our society.

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It happens every year in the mid-March, the Mental Health Awareness Month, the Mental Health America gives out a toolkit of materials for the preparation of outreach activities during the most important month- Mental Health Awareness Month. In May, Mental Health America performs several activities that show the theme of the respective years.

Following are the themes of some previous years:

  • Year: 2020
    Theme: #4Mind4Body / #Tools2Thrive
  • Year: 2019
    Theme: #4Mind4Body
  • Year: 2018
    Theme: Fitness #4Mind4Body
  • Year: 2017
    Theme: Risky Business
  • Year: 2016
    Theme: Mental Illness Feels Like
  • Year: 2015
    Theme: B4Stage4
  • Year: 2014
    Theme: Mind Your Health
  • Year: 2013
    Theme: Pathways to Wellness
  • Year: 2012
    Theme: Healing Trauma’s Invisible Wounds
  • Year: 2011
    Theme: Do More for 1 in 4

Spread the word

There is always a way to do good, or just do good! You just have to find the right path and start at your own pace. If you think you understand the aims and themes of The Mental Health Awareness Month, and you have complete knowledge and information, you can always spread the word to your colleagues and friends or most importantly to your family members. Keep in mind, people may be silently suffering in your surroundings and might need your help, you just have to take the first step.

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