How to Get Netflix Free Trial? Can you have it?

I am pretty sure you have heard about Netflix about once or at least twice in your life if you are not already using it at your home. Before skipping onto the reality and pros and cons of Netflix 30 day free trial, here’s an introduction for those who have not been using Netflix to watch their favorite TV shows, anime, documentaries, and TV-series already: Netflix is a streaming service which allows you to pick 1 out of the 3 offered plans, according to your requirement, which would determine how many people can use through your Netflix account and whether you can watch it in Standard Definition (SD)/ High Definition (HD), or Ultra High Definition (UHD).

Don’t know what are the 3 membership plans of Netflix? No worries, this article is all you have to read! 

  1. Basic-Plan means you have 1 screen plan SD (view on 1 device at one time, SD)
  2. Standard-Plan means you have 2 screen plan High Definition (view on 2 devices at a time, HD when available)
  3. Premium-Plan means you have 4 screen plan HIgh definition or Ultra high definition  4K (view on 4 devices at a time, includes HD and UHD when available

Let us get back to your favorite part! Netflix 30 day free trial!

Are you Eligible for Netflix Free Trial?

Yes, the Netflix still provides a  30 days free trial for some regions, and you can enjoy movies and shows for whole month without paying any charges, this way the company captures new customers. This trial was offered to people in Britain. But unfortunetly, that is not the case anymore. Now according to a page from Netflix support it shows “No Free Trials Are Offered in Your Country“ To begin your new-membership, open the link, select best plan for yourself and the mode of payment that suits you the best, provide your email address, set a tricky password, and then start watching and enjoying.

The best part is that you can cancel your membership at any time.” But you have to pay for it, the only solution left is sharing account with other user. You both can use same account, but this also comes with some limitations like if that user have bought the basic plan that costs around 6£ and that allows only one screen at a time can be used; one of you can watch at one-time.

The next package allows 2 screens aswell as HD resolution; and this one costs around 9£ each month. Whereas, the premium package that costs around £12 allow 4 devices to watch Netflix in HD and Ultra-HD resolutions.

What are the pros and cons​ ​of the Netflix 30 day free trial? 


  1. Well, if you purchase a Netflix membership and then cancel it before the end of the month, you can surely get to watch all your favorite movies, TV-series, anime, documentaries, interviews, and what not? For free! That is the biggest advantage we are all looking for!
  2. How can we deny the ever-growing and blooming popularity of Netflix, and you will have to agree that the 30-day free trial has increased it to a whole NEW level. According to
  3. A publication as over 23-million-subscribers in the US and Canada, they are proving themselves to be ahead of the competition. And as a matter of fact, Netflix has added about 3.3-million-customers in just about the start of 2011, in 3 months to be precise! 
  4. Who doesn’t want to watch all the favorite movies, TV shows, etc without ads? The answer is no one. You get a free month and no ads! 

Well, just like everything else in the world Netflix has its disadvantages, and the 30-day free trial gives it a hype. Let’s just have a look at those too. 


  1. Some say that the big issue they face with subscribing Netflix is, which has been and still is one of their sore spots since the service went live in the fact that the provided library outdated and one has to watch a season on Netflix while the sequel has already been aired on TV. 
  2. One disadvantage for Netflix might be the fact that the subscription and the strong internet connection availability might be costly for some people. 
  3. Lastly, where it would prove to be a great source of entertainment, we all have to admit that it can be time-consuming and addicting, sadly.

I hope you found this article helpful to gain knowledge regarding the use, subscription plans, (about payment and SD, HD/UHD), and to get to know about the Netflix 30 day free trial and its pros and cons.

Important: keep in mind, if you receive any text messages or emails requesting your Netflix account email or password, claiming to be from Netflix, it is probably not! Here is how you know the message is not from Netflix: They will NEVER ask for your Credit card number, your bank detail, or your Netflix password. And they will NEVER  request you to make any payment through a third-party website. Be careful and enjoy it!  

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