Incredible Places to Visit in Malaysia

Malaysia, a country full of limitless beauty, surrounded by wonders of nature, is the ideal tourist attraction for everyone around the globe. The nation has been blessed with breathtaking magnificence which mesmerizes anyone who steps foot in the country. Tourism is quite prominent in Malaysia, with approximately 26 million international passengers arriving in Malaysia in 2018.

Amongst the most famous places to visit in Malaysia, this vast Metropolitan giant is a must-see tourist destination in Malaysia. Home to architectural miracles like the Menara KL Tower, topped by the twin spires of Petronas tower, Kuala Lumpur is indeed an ideal place to visit in Malaysia. The beauty of the city is further enhanced by the Perdana Botanical Garden which offers visitors a thrilling and awe-inspiring view of the true marvels of mother nature. And as if all of this isn’t enough, what truly makes Kuala Lumpur a perfect place to visit in Malaysia is its vast variety of cuisines and foods from across multiple cultures. The Malaysian capital is home to many different Indian dishes, mouthwatering native cuisines with the likes of the much-beloved Nasi Kerabu along with a large assortment of Chinese delights, it is no wonder that this city is a tourist hub, with 13.8 million out of country visitors in 2018 alone.


1. Langkawi

A true Jewel of Kedah, Langkawi is one of the more tourist-oriented destinations in Malaysia containing many tourist attractions for both foreigners and Malaysian citizens themselves, making it an important place to visit in Malaysia. The thick forests in the tallest mountain in Langkawi, Gunung Raya, are home to a variety of wildlife such as macaque monkeys, white-bellied eagles, flying foxes, and many more animals. The mountain’s difficult terrain combined with its wide bounty of wildlife provides a tourist with the best fresh air experience, hence all the more reason to make it a place to visit in Malaysia. And what’s more, Langkawi is only 30 kilometers towards the south of Pulau Payar Marine Park, a hotspot for underwater activities such as swimming, diving, and snorkeling.

pulau payar

2. Pulau Payar

All of this is just the tip of the iceberg. The truly fascinating and thrilling feature of the Pulau Payar Marine Park is a colorful coral filled, the isolated portion known commonly as the Coral Garden. Langkawi is the perfect place to visit in Malaysia for all the bird and animal lovers. Housing approximately 150 different types of birds with 2500 striking birds in all, the Langkawi Wildlife and Bird Paradise provides tourists with an opportunity to see unique bird breeds in real life. The exciting thing is that visitors can also watch animals such as pelicans, raccoons, hornbills being feed. Not all of the tourist attractions in Langkawi are on the ground level. The Langkawi Sky Bridge is an impressive arched structure that is 125 meters in length and delivers a nerve-racking sight of Gunung Mat Cincang, Telajah Tujuh Waterfalls. Therefore, Langkawi is an excitement-filled place to visit in Malaysia.

cameron highland

3. Cameron Highlands
The list of places to visit in Malaysia would be incomplete without the inclusion of the Cameron Highlands. Having a cool temperature of 18 to 25 degrees Celsius, Cameron Highlands is one of the most pleasant and exciting tourist spots in Malaysia, a place to visit not only once but multiple times. Offering a picturesque view of the landscape to visitors, its beauty is heightened by the lush green Boh tea plantations, the Lavender Gardens which provide the lavender needed to make lavender ice cream, which is quite refreshing to eat after hiking through the highlands. The Time Tunnel Museum can also be found in the Cameron Highlands, providing people with the opportunity to go through memorabilia and artifacts stored in the Museum. It is also one of the reasons why this place is visited in Malaysia by many people. Strawberry fields, rose gardens, Butterfly Farm, and hiking tracks in Mount Brinchang, Cameron Highlands has it all. Foreigners and natives alike can enjoy the beauty of Cameron Highlands, along with a cup of tea from Jim Thompson Tea Room, making Cameron Highlands an intriguing place to visit in Malaysia.


4. Malacca
The beauty, culture, and rich heritage of Malacca alone make it a place to visit in Malaysia.
The Perakanan city is a complex mixture of old age merging with the modern era and it is not uncommon to see old historical structures right beside modern age malls. The city is home to monuments such as the Melaka Sultanate Palace, now known Muzium Kebudayaan(Cultural Museum), A’Famosa Fort, and the Stadthuys, the city offers visitors with a rich and interesting history of the Malaccan Malay Sultanate and its era. And if all of this wasn’t enough, the Christ Church and St Paul’s Church further highlight Malaysian history and especially its interaction with the British and Dutch so it is an ideal place to visit in Malaysia. And if you happen to be searching for some Malaysian clothes or food outlets, then what better place than Jonker Street where you can enjoy the choicest meals and buy the best clothes at the most reasonable price, therefore all the more reason to visit this place in Malaysia.

places to visit in malaysia

5. Tioman Islands

The mesmerizing beauty of deep blue waters surrounding the Tioman Island, the glittering white sand of the Paya Beach which provides the perfect place to sunbathe and enjoy the view of the waves lapping the seashore is a golden reason this place is visited in Malaysia by dozens of foreigners and natives alike. The stunning view of the ocean while enjoying a drink on the Paya Beach is indeed an unrivaled opportunity for many to visit Tioman Island. What’s more, is that the Riverside Café provides you with cheap and tasty fries and burgers when you reach the Island, so you can happily enter the Island with a full stomach.

Another reason this is a thrilling place to visit in Malaysia is that Tioman Island is home to the famous Asah Waterfalls which are not only one of the main attractions in the Island but also provide hiking and trekking opportunities to visitors. It is a refreshing exercise to hike up to the waterfall and relish the striking view of water flowing in between rocks and stones.
Beaches such As the Nipah Beach, Juara Beach and Monkey Beach provide visitors with the opportunity to go surfing, fishing and snorkeling whilst Gunung Kajang and its challenging hiking trails encourage hikers to hike up the mountain, hence it is a major reason why this is a
lovely place to visit in Malaysia.

places to visit in malalysia

6. Sipadan

Sipadan is an alluring and stunning place to visit in Malaysia. The coral reefs and the sandy beaches of Sipadan contain a large number of aquatic organisms. What makes Sipadan the ideal place to visit in Malaysia are the snorkeling and diving opportunities available to visitors. Sipadan is a top-class dive site so people can enjoy the satisfaction of diving in the best region. Furthermore, Sipadan also provides the visitor the opportunity of snorkeling. Coupled with this, the coral reef can be reached in a significantly small amount of time so tourists can thoroughly enjoy the miracles and beauty of the sea which is why it should be on the top of your list of places to visit in Malaysia.

Perhentian Islands, places to visit in maalaysia

7. Perhentian Islands

The Long Beach, D’ Lagoon, Turtle Beach, and many other magnificent beaches on the Perhentian Islands make them a perfect place to visit in Malaysia. These beaches provide tourists the opportunity to just stretch out and relax under the glare of the sun and take a refreshing swim whenever they feel like it. Moreover, D’Lagoon lake is the perfect place for diving and snorkeling.

Another reason this is an ideal place to visit in Malaysia is the jungle tracks in the Perhentian Islands. A walk through these trails not only highlights the beauty of nature but also allows you to see the world from a different perspective. Moreover, kayaking through the island significantly improves the tourism experience and is a unique reason why this is the best place to visit in Malaysia.

taman negara

8. Taman Negara

Taman Negara Park (National Park) is indeed the perfect place to visit in Malaysia. Whether it be hiking through the challenging trails of Mount Bukit Teresk or its much more difficult brethren Gunung Tahan which is situated at a distance of 53 kilometers from the Kuala Tahan, Taman Negara presents a tough topographical challenge to hikers which makes it an ideal place to visit in Malaysia. And what better way then to start your day with a breakfast at the Mutiara Restaurant and after returning from a busy day of trekking or hiking, getting yourself a drink from the Lia Restaurant to get some refreshing reprieve from the day’s activity. In all, Taman Negara is one of the best places to visit in Malaysia.

Danum Valley

9. Danum Valley

The Danum Valley, best known for its dense forests and biodiversity, is one of the best places to visit in Malaysia. Located inside a 130 million-year-old jungle, the valley provides an ideal opportunity for jungle trekkers and nature lovers to thoroughly inspect the miracles of nature. With the help of proper experts to guide you through your hiking journey, you will be easily able to disclose any of its well hid secrets such as beautiful waterfalls, the exotic and rare species of birds and insects that delve deep into the forest and enjoy the company of nearly a 100 species of mammals such as sun bears and orangutans. All of these reasons show that this is one of the best tourist places to visit in Malaysia.

George Town malaysia

10. George Town

George town is one of the best places to visit in Malaysia. Home to many historical wonders such as the oldest Anglican Church present in the entire Southeast Asian region as well as the Snake Temple and the Wat Chaiyamangkalaram whose cultural and religious heritage is alluring for both natives and foreigners. Visit the current smallest Malaysian National Park in George Town to thoroughly enjoy your visit as well as come into contact with nearly 150 species of birds. Furthermore, tourists cannot truly comprehend the beauty of George Town unless they have taken a boat ride across the straits of Malacca. The beauty and number of tourist sites present in George Town all prove that it is one of the best places to visit in Malaysia.

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