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Life Genius found at is run by the Privacy Policy as follows. We are highly concerned about your privacy and the purpose of this Privacy Policy is to inform you in detail about the information we may collect and use.

We may get your basic personal info that is your name, email address, contact number, and profile picture from any of your Facebook, Gmail, Twitter or Instagram accounts that you may have linked with this website voluntarily. Additionally, we allow you to create your user account at Life Genius. Your username will be visible at our website but the password won’t appear over there. Information about the tabs you clicked while on our website may also be stored on the website. 

Moreover, at various places hyperlinks from a third-party website are also given. Clicking on them will redirect you to other sites from where the data in the blog post has been linked. The information, which you voluntarily allow us to explicitly share with those third-party websites will be shared with them too. However, Life Genius claims no responsibility for those sites and their Privacy Policy check the respective websites. Information collected from cookies may be given to the third-party websites for advertisement and marketing purposes. Let it be known that this data would be given as anonymous data. The website will show your comments via your name and profile photo if you link your account.

As the website uses cookies to make you a personalized experience, so you can agree to allow cookies. These are tiny data files that your browser stores in it to give you a better, customized experience. The promotional information may be sent to your email addresses if you choose to allow us in this regard. Many companies like Facebook, Google, and, Instagram use cookies too for advertisement purposes. However, if you want to delete the cookies you can do this any time through your browser. This may have a disadvantage as you may not be able to view all the features of the website if you disallow the use of cookies.

If you allow us to use your personal information once and after some time wants to disallow us, just email us at [email protected] and we will do as desired. If you want to change or remove any particular info you can contact us. In case of any further query, we will be more than happy to help. In the case where you have forgotten your password then the website will make sure that there is a proper channel through which the password can be recovered.

Never give any personal information that is sensitive. Religious background, race, ethnic beliefs are not to be shared. Never give the password of your account to anyone and make sure that it is a strong password. Bank details and passwords from any other sites must not be shared here.

In case of any further queries contact us at [email protected] or through the contact us page that can be seen above.

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