The Showcase of Street Fashion 2020 in Korean and Japanese styles!

The answer to the question of where the street fashion started from is “Grassroots Streetwear”. Many people still think that it emerged from the studios itself but it is a wrong perception. It was taken to the studios later on. Due to its association with the youth culture, it is mostly seen in urban centers. You might even have come across the street style fashion in Magazines and Newspapers like the New York Times and Elle. Japanese street fashion is diverse and changing of all, at all times. Moreover, street fashion is growing more and more popular all over the world nowadays. This article will give you all the details that you need for street fashion. Readers dive in!

Japanese street fashion

Japanese Street Fashion

Japanese Street Fashion is a fine blend of local styles and foreign style. Some of the Japanese Street Fashion styles are of those that are seen on European catwalks; Tokyo Street Fashion is extreme and vibrant in its unique way. It is quite similar to those shown on the haute-couture. The notable and most-read magazine promoted the Japanese Street Fashion in the true sense. The fall of this trend has been monitored by the Shoichi Aoki in 1997.  Even though the Japanese Street Fashion has changed and evolved in several ways, but the Tokyo Street Fashion is still a recognized and performed form of fashion today. What are some famous Japanese Street Fashion?


What is the most recognizable and appreciated Japenese street fashion style? Yes, exactly, it is Lolita. Even though it has some certain boundaries in its sense but that is what enhances the beauty of its uniqueness. Lolita has gained recognition worldwide and a lot of people love carrying it now. The skirts are worn below the length of knee along with petticoats. It adds volume to the dress. However, in some cases, the skirts are worn at knee length too. Lace trimming is where the Roccoco style steps in. The tops are lace-trimmed properly. And what adds to the beauty of the style is that the socks and stockings can be worn at or above the ankle length. For footwear, the appreciators of the Japanese street style fashion often go for boots.


There are some common sub-styles of Lolita fashion

  • Gothic Lolita
  • Sweet Lolita
  • Classic Lolita
  • Punk Lolita
  • Kodona

Ganguro Style

A Japanese street fashion that took its peek and spread vigorously in the 2000s was the Ganguro Style. It was introduced in the 1990s among the Japanese girls who started practicing it often. It starts from the larger subculture of gyaru fashion. One great thing about Ganguro style is that it mostly includes outfits that have bright and vibrant colors. Ganguro Style includes proper outfits, mini skirts, and tie-dyed sarongs. The best thing about the Ganguro style is that it includes a proper get-up instead of just an outfit. In a typical Ganguro style, a person can wear bracelets, rings, and unique necklaces to stand out. For makeup, fake eyelashes and eyeliner are applied and hair color or bleach is applied on the hair.

For footwear, platform shoes are worn. Why did Japanese girls start following the Ganguro style in the early 1990s? The appearance of Namie Amuro was a turning point for the Japenese street style fashion as she had those dyed hair and tan skin that impressed the girls so much. They started following her after a number of her public appearances. Moreover, some people were so eager and excited to follow this style that they were known as the “Yamanba” or “Manba” that referred to them as extremists.

Korean street fashion

Korean Street Fashion

We all have heard about London, Paris, and New York famous fashion styles in the early days but now the Korean Street Fashion is what we have growing in the fashion industry. During the Seoul Fashion week that happens every season, the Korean Street Fashion finds its way in the hot spots of the fashion lovers. Several shows are arranged in Korea that showcase the Korean Street Fashion and it is amazing to know that people run away in flocks to attend them.

Korean Street Fashion has its way of describing street fashion. Let us look into it quickly. Chunky sneakers and a hoodie? That is what growing more and more in the Korean street style nowadays. But more professionally, monochromatic ensembles and matching sets are displayed. The March 19-24 fashion week depicts the clear idea of the Korean street fashion style.

Seoul Fashion week – depiction of Korean street style

After the Seoul Fashion week came to end, some great street style viewers joined each other at the Dongdaemun Design Plaza and a great variety of good street style ideas were seen. The most highlighted ones were the utility wear looks that carried that colored eyeshadows as makeup. Glamour, it was one word for it. Even though it showcased street style but it had its uniqueness and style.

As the temperature began to cool down, the women were dressed in more cozy and comfortable clothes. It included the coats, jackets (mostly bold and black), and cardigans. They were, as expected, dressed in all-black which made them look confident and tough. They were mostly from luxurious brands like Gucci. This shows the growth of the Korean street style fashion! For footwear, sneakers were mostly seen. They included the Gucci’s Flashtrek, YEEZY BOOST 500, and the Air Jordan 1 Retro High.

People could spot the “Virgil Abloh” and his creation of Nike’s footwear collection there. Some pieces from the Louis Vuitton were also seen during the fashion week. Moreover, headscarves were also a part of the street style this time and they were from Gucci. For hand carry, small bags from Goyard were displayed.

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