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A Guide to better dressing.

We all judge, don’t we? No matter what we say otherwise. Deep down we all judge a person on the first look we get. So if you have finally admitted to this little reality, the next thing up is how to get a good first impression. How to not make it seem like a pretentious impression? If you are looking for answers given below article which addresses style tips for men a read. The article contains men’s casual fashion tips, fashion tips for teenage guys, and acquaints a reader regarding the basic fashion rules for guys.

Style Tips For Men | Developing the Sense


1. Dressing Well is a Skill

Dressing well is a skill…. Let that sink in. If it was not a skill, just think about all the stylists you made jobless (in your imagination of course, but still). So now assuming you have agreed and changed your perspective next question is how to nourish this skill and get better. To help you get better in your style and dressing sense, below, I have jotted down some important points to help you with your cause.

2. Perfect Fit

To solve 95 percent of the style problem all you need to do is wear the right fit clothing. The most essential part of great styling is fitting; if it is done, most is done; if it is overlooked, most are overlooked. So you don’t want this essential part to be neglected by you. Most of us believe that one needs an expensive suit to nail one’s look, but in truth, one can nail a look in a simple t-shirt and a pair of jeans only if it is worn off the right size. When one wears ill-fit clothes, one’s body proportions are thrown off which makes the look pretty unpleasant and unattractive.

So if it ever crosses your mind that you need a classy suit to look stylish, you are wrong. In simpler words, number one and the most important dressing tip to follow is WEAR RIGHT FIT CLOTHES!

3. Copy before Creativity

The miss conception few have to better their style is that they need to come about some unique, creative style. It is wrong. One should follow the classical and copy it first before making out any personal style. To make your creative style is a gradual process. A chef has to learn the basics of the food and learn the classic recipes, only when taken hold of them, the chef adds to the dishes their personality and their interests. A footballer has to learn the basics to hold the ball, pass the ball and shoot the ball before dribbling and tactics.

So in short, don’t follow the trends that are for some time; instead, follow the classics of the style, for example, leather jackets, jeans, and boots. They always have been the catchers of an eye, continue with them.

4. Say no to Logos and Fancy Prints

For an amateur, it would be highly recommended to wear plain logo free shirt and pants too (didn’t think I’ll be saying it). You don’t want to be doing free advertising of any brand (if looked close you are paying yourself to advertise the brand). You don’t, because it looks highly unprofessional and immature. To look serious and mature wear solid neutral colors, they make one look interesting and important.

Going for graphical and logo having clothing makes one look like a college boy or like a Moto GP racer. So change your wardrobe to slide colors which would surely look ten times more mature and refined unless you are some brand ambassador or a racer or a footballer etc.

style tips for men

5. Quality over Quantity

One of the most important style tips for men is that always consider quality over quantity. When we talk about products, we talk about two things: their price and their quality. About the price, for example, we can get a pair of jeans for $100 or $1000 or $10000, so with these increasing prices does the quality of the product increase with the same proportionality or maybe even close to it? Is it even worth it?

Without a doubt, these questions have crossed your mind before crossing your wallet. Most of us say that customers are being ripped off by these designers who charge so much for nothing. In reality, it is really hard to make something good enough that can last longer for a lower price. To feel the quality difference go to an expensive store nearby that is out of your budget and just feel the clothes hanging in there, then go to a cheaper place and feel clothes there. You will know the drastic difference in quality.

So what should be done? My answer tries to find the best quality clothes that fall into your budget. Instead of buying a higher number of cheaper clothes with not so good quality, buy fewer better quality clothes. It would enhance your styles of grace.

Save time Dressing

Whenever you are out shopping, try to make it more convenient for those who are there for the same purpose. You always see people taking so much time choosing clothes. After they have chosen, they waste time on the right size by trying out so many pieces of clothing. To save your time and those around you try getting your hands on three pieces of clothes:

  1. Get the size you wear normally, and which fits you.
  2. Get one size bigger than what fits you usually.
  3. Get one size smaller than what fits you usually.

And try all three of them at once and check which fits you just in case the brand you opted to have different size standards or your old brand has chosen to change their size standards. This would not only save your time but would be helpful to the people who are waiting outside the changing room.

Wear with Confidence

Whatever you wear, wear with confidence. If you are wearing a suit without confidence, it wouldn’t make you look good, nor would it make you look interesting. Always remember to have fun while styling, IT IS JUST CLOTHES. The better dressing can make you look like you mean some business in your job. It can make a brand itself that people around you can look up to in your work and regular life.

I hope you found what you looked for and the points in the above helped you as they helped me get a healthier dressing style. This article will serve as a men’s style guide as it contains most of the men’s fashion tips to help them look more stylistic.

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