10 Best Things To Do in Jeddah + Bonus

One of Saudi Arabia’s most advanced and modern city, Jeddah, is a must have on your Go-To list. Find out the 10 best things to do while in Jeddah and make your trip a memorable one.

Saudi Arabia is the most country region with its religious, cultural, historical aspects. The country also surprises the world with its modern and advanced cities and among them one is Jeddah. The aesthetic city with its tall, pretty palm trees and beaches give off a really positive vibe. In this article, we list the top 10 things to do while you’re there

jeddah beach

1. Put your swim suit on at Silver Sands Beach

One of the best private beaches at Jeddah, Silver Sands, is to die for. The entry ticket costs no more than 30 dollars. The beach features: a café to enjoy fresh juices and drinks, on-beach changing rooms and an island a few minutes away that you can swim to. Keeping in view the hot temperature of the region, this beach will definitely cool you off and refresh your mind.

The beach does not allow modest clothing, so you might want to reconsider some other option if that is not what you’re into.

things to do in jeddah

2. Visit the Fakieh Aquarium

Packing over 200 species of marine life, this aquarium attracts the tourists like bees to honey. Napoleon Wrasse, Murrays, Sea Horses and so many types of sea life inhabit this aquarium. The aquarium offers many entertaining services that include: a dolphin show, an under-water aquarium tour, retail shops and even an opportunity to swim with the dolphins. It’s phenomenal for the kids and also serves for many educational purposes.

The aquarium charges about 15 USD (55 SR) hence it is budget-friendly as well as worth the price.

Al Baik jeddah

3. Grab a bite at Al-Baik

Saudi Arabian cuisine requires no introduction and where else to experience it from if not Al-Baik. Al-Baik menu mainly revolves around chicken and fish fillet nuggets, sandwiches and much more. The jam-packed dine-ins and even takeaways are more than enough to explain the deliciousness of its food. Although there are many more restaurants that need to be visited, its safe to say that Al-Baik peaks them all.

Jeddah Museaum, Things to do in Jeddah

4. Educate yourself at the Abdul Raouf Khalil Museum

Fond of diving into the historical background of Jeddah? The Abdul Raouf Khalil Museum will surely satisfy your desire. It comprises of a mosque, Abdul Raouf Khalil Mosque, that can be visited and the museum includes many houses that show-case different aspects of the Arabian history that was formed over the course of more than 2000 years!

Al Shallal Theme Park Jeddah

5. Have some fun at Al-Shallal Theme Park

For the thrill-freaks out there; Al-Shallal theme park is the best option among the many theme parks found in Jeddah. The park not only has the common rides like roller coasters and what-not but the park also show-cases many unique rides like Amazon, Slingshot, Samba towers and much more, The park is great for families and kids. It also features a “Ladies Night” every Wednesday which is ladies-only. Among many attractions, attractions such as ice-skating rinks, many international and famous local food chains, night rides and arcade games are what differentiate this park from the other theme parks.  

The tickets cost around 9 USD (32 SR) so why not?

things to do in Jeddah

6. Go for Scuba Diving

If you want to go for scuba diving, Jeddah has many centers that deal in it. The Red Sea has a wide variety of marine life and the corals and underwater plant bodies are a treat for the eyes. Scuba divers can also feel at home by doing what they know best and for starters, some centers even provide the facilities of having a trainer with you at all times so you can enjoy the adventure without any worry.

Al Rahman Mosque Jeddah

7. Visit the Al-Rahmah Mosque

Located on the sea and supported by pillars, Al-Rahmah Mosque (also known as “The Floating Mosque”) is one of the most visited and loved places of Jeddah. The magnificent, white mosque offers an amazing environment for serenity and relaxation. You can experience the Islamic architecture and also see the Muslims offering their daily prayer. Being built on the sea, the mosque is also the spot for seeing the great Arabian sunset and the golden sea.

Jeddah Mall

8. Shop at the Red Sea Mall

This mall is the biggest mall in Saudi Arabia. Having thousands of shops including: Bath and Body, The Body Shop, Mini So, Milano, H&M, Al-Nahdi, Lacoste and many more, this mall is more than enough to keep your shopping moments interesting. The fun part about this mall is that it also has a historical aspect to it. The mall has a historical section that has paintings and artwork to give you some knowledge about the Saudi heritage, just a feature to spice things up!

things to do in Jeddah

9. Have your mind blown at King Fahd’s Fountain

The world’s tallest fountain namely King Fahd’s Fountain is a famous landmark in Jeddah. The fountain itself was built in the 1980s and holds the record for the tallest ejected water stream peaking more than 270 meters! The fountain can be seen from almost anywhere in Jeddah. The show usually starts at night with the fountain being illuminated by several spotlights and it is truly magnificent.

things to do in Jeddah

10. Visit the Bab-e-Makkah

Bab-e-Makkah is the magnificent three-arched gate that leads into the historical district, Al-Balad. The gate hints the tough battle-filled times that used to be a part of the world before the modern era as the gate is a sturdy, strongly built structure that is almost impregnable. This landmark is definitely a go-to for its architectural amazingness.

These are our top 10 things you HAVE to do while in Jeddah. There are many more things , not listed, that can be done in Jeddah as the city is packed with diversity and culture. Pay it a visit, fill your belly with the delicious food and amazing drinks, swim in the sea and do much more!

Jeddah South Corniche

Some Bonus landmarks to be visited;

  • Al-Balad: A historical district in Jeddah featuring the old city of Jeddah with it’s old buildings and houses. It gives an idea about the background of the city.
  • South Corniche Beach: A public beach which is normally less crowded and unexplored than many other beaches in Jeddah.
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