Incredible Places & Things to do in Salalah

Before heading over to the things you can do in Salalah, let us get a quick overview of its location. Salalah is the capital of the Dhofar Governorate and is located in the Sultanate State of Oman. Salalah is the third-largest city in the Sultanate of Oman. It is a very well known place in the Arabian Peninsula.
How to start exploring Salalah and what things to do in there?

things to do in Salalah

1. Praying at Sultan Qaboos Mosque
Just like the mosque in Muscat, Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque, a beautiful and unique mosque is located in Salalah named as Sultan Qaboos Mosque. You can take a look at the mosque from the outside but to look at the eternal beauty of it, taking a look from inside would be worth it. Keep in mind, if you are a tourist there, you will be able to visit the mosque during the non-prayer time.

Salalah Meseum

2. Visit the Museum of the Frankincense Land
Unlike its name, Frankincense, you will not find it in the museum. The word Frankincense means an aroma used in perfumes so it makes the name rather strange for visitors and makes them curious to find out what is actually in there. It is all about the history and heritage related to the frankincense, spread over such a wide area that takes hours and hours to completely tour around it. For additional information before, it consists of two main halls named as Marine Hall and the Hall of history.

Taqah Castle Salalah

3. Visit the Taqah Castle
This castle is one of the greatest things present in Salalah that you do not ever want to miss out on. The Taqah Castle is not as gigantic as the fort in Nizwa but it is rich in its heritage and knowledge related to the Taqah town. You can even purchase paintings and items to be used as a display in the Taqah Castle. Furthermore, the history of Taqah Castle is explained in a very beautiful way in the form of paintings, art pieces, and videos.

Salalah Garden Mall

4.Shopping from Salalah Gardens Mall
If you are a visitor in Salalah and you have a family and lots of friends waiting for you to bring them their souvenirs or gifts, Salalah Garden Malls is all you will ever need. It is the largest shopping mall in Salalah which provides everything that you will need. While shopping, you can also take a quick look at how beautifully it was created and how many tourists and locals it attracts. You can get art pieces, souvenirs and a lot more from the Salalah Garden Mall. Shopping is undoubtedly one tiring job, so you will have many restaurants available there to grab some food or to dine in.

things to do in salalah

5. Visiting the Teeq Cave and Tawi Ateer Sinkhole

Discovered in 1997 by a group of curious Slovenian explorers, the wonder is known as the Tawi Ateer sinkhole is the largest sinkhole. It has the Teeq Cave right near the top of it. Truly a wonder! If you are touring Salalah with a tour guide, perfect for you. Only a trained tour guide can show you around the cave and the sinkhole which has a very dangerous topography. The Tawi Ateer Sinkhole has a beautiful waterfall running nearby it which is an attraction to many.

Sultan Palace Salalah

6. Visiting Sultan’s Palace

Does not matter if you are a local or a tourist, the Sultan’s palace will the greatest wonder you will want to see again and again due to its magnificence. You will want to capture every moment while you are visiting and exploring it. The Sultan’s Palace is a great attraction to the tourists but they can only appreciate its beauty from the outside. But do not worry, while you are having a look at it, you can always shop at the nearby marketplace!

Wadi Darbat, things to do in Salalah

7. Visiting Wadi Darbat
This wonder of nature will amaze you and will get you thinking about how beautiful Salalah is. You will want to sit by the river in silence and appreciate it. Greenery, running water in the river, waterfalls, and peace! Now you know what things to do in Salalah! And if you are looking for adventure, boat riding is always available there. You can also have a look at the hills nearby and capture those moments in your camera.

Al Mughsail beach salalah

8. Spending some time on Al Mughsail Beach

Trust me, your visit to Salalah is incomplete while you have not been to Al Mughsail Beach. It does not matter if you are a tourist or a local, Al Mughsail Beach provides you with the breathtaking beauty to look at. You can freshen up yourself or have a good time with your family and friends. Or, you can even dive in to enjoy swimming there. You can have a look at the Salalah coastline mountains nearby while you are enjoying the view at the beach. If you are visiting with a professional tour guide, he will tell you to have a look at the Mughsail beach and the Fazayah beach. Do not forget to take pictures and store them as memories!

Things to do in salalah

9. Enjoying the Salalah Tourism Festival
If by luck you are in Salalah from the beginning of July to the end of August in Oman’s monsoon season, you can catch up to the greatest heritage festival that happens in Salalah. It is usually crowded with locals and tourists who like to enjoy the weather; most of the visitors are Arab families. You will get to enjoy the food in the restaurants or the stalls there while you look at the plays and movies in the theater. It will be a day well spent! Make the best out of it.

salalah port

10. Take a boat ride from the Salalah Port
If you are on a visit to Salalah and you find yourself at the Salalah port, you will have a look at the beautiful boats waiting for you to take you to the sea of Oman. The specialty of the boats is that when you are with a professional tour guide, you can go around and take a tour of the coast or have a look at the magnificent Salalah dolphins on a picked out speed boat. If not from the Salala port, you can find available boat touring opportunities from even some of the hotels.

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