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Philippine is a beautiful country located in Southeast Asia; it is known for the quality of fruits grown there and the great tourist spots. For those who did not know, Philippine was named after a King, King Philip II. Why is the Philippines known as the largest archipelagos in the world? It is because it consists of 7461 islands. Isn’t it amazing? You will find so much more in this article. Dive in, readers!

Things to do in Philippines

Tawi Tawi

Tawi Tawi

One of the beautiful Mindanao tourist spots is “Tawi-Tawi”. There is a fun fact about Tawi-Tawi. Its actual, previous name was “Jaui-Jaui” which means “far away”. It was called jaui-jaui by the early traders. Tawi-Tawi is located at the southern side of the Philippine, farthest from the Capital of the Philippine. Metro Manila is the capital of the Philippine. What is Tawi-Tawi famous for? It is well known for “Bud Bungao” which is a mountain and people have a strong belief about it that climbing it would heal their diseases. Tawi-Tawi is known for “Chinese piers” which is a place the Chinese traders used for trade with the locals.

Camiguin Island

Camiguin Island

Camiguin is one of the most famous “Mindanao tourists spots”. One of the reasons for Camiguin Island being a famous one is its topography. It consists of white sands that are encircled by the pure clear sky blue water. Surprising thing is that it is just one of the seven thousand islands in the Philippines. If you are looking for some great diving sites, Camiguin is what you need to visit. It is amazing, you have my word. I am sure you have heard about the “sunken cemetery” which is the remains of the havoc that was almost erased from its existence. You do have to look at this mark of history. The huge cross represents the old remains of Camiguin Island.

mount apo

Mount Apo

If you are a mountain climber, blogger, thrill-seeker, and explorer, Mount Apo is what you need to see. Mount Apo is just named “Mount” and has a structure beyond one’s imagination. It has flowing pure rivers, boulders, and rich dark forests! Beautiful, isn’t it? It sounds beautiful while imagining, and is so much more in real! It has an interesting trail with different paths and patterns. If you want to have a look at the “sulfur deposits and vents”, you can look at the Boulders of Mount Apo is what you need to see. It is the most interesting feature of Mount Apo. One last thing, you can have a look at seven peaks at the summit of Mount Apo! Now you know what things to do in the Philippines!

things to do in Philippines

Fort San Pedro

Are you a historian or a traveler? Fort San Pedro is what will feed your thirst for history and traveling. Several things in Cebu City make the perfect “Cebu Tourist Spot” and “Fort San Pedro” is one of those amazing features that will make it a perfect spot. Fort San Pedro was built in Cebu city in wood at the start of 1565 but the currently existing fort is in the shape of a triangular bastion fort. It was found in 1738. The Fort San Pedro consists of an open-air theatre for your entertainment and a Cebu office of the Department of Tourism which was a great development and initiative. Fort San Pedro also consists of a museum. You will be taken back to the “Colonial Times”. Also for extra information, the ticket for entering Fort San Pedro for adult costs PHP 30 and PHP 20 for children.


Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral Museum

The Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral Museum was built in the 1800s and since then it is the most important Cebu Tourist spot. What makes it so unique and amazing? It is how the religious features of history are preserved and the wood protected into the silvers. Have you ever seen something so precious and unique like that before? It has an upper floor that shows the development and history of the Catholic faith on the island through photographs. The island is known as Memorabilia Island. Some precious statues of saints are also preserved which are worth a look and capture! The entrance ticket for adults is about PHP 55, PHP 25 for children, and PHP 100 if you are a foreign tourist. It is expensive for a tourist but trusts me, absolutely worth it!

things to do in philippines

Burnham Park

If you are in Baguio, Philippines and you do not know what things to do, take your diary and a pen out and write down “Burnham Park” in it. Burnham Park is the most important Baguio tourist spot. it does not matter if you are a local or a tourist, Burnham is the place that you will love to visit again and again. It is peaceful and green. It is surrounded by mountains. Burnham will make you forget about all your stress and disappointments and will enable you to breathe freely. Grab a drink, take a book or a loved one, and spend some time in silence. If you are looking for some adventure, you can always rent a boar and row it across the lake there. Moreover, a skating rink can also be found in Burnham Park. Relax, take pictures, and discover yourself and nature. Three in one!

TakeAway Note!

There are numerous places in the Philippines that you would love to visit like White Beach and Mount Luho views in Boracay, Manila, numerous Cebu dive sites and beach resorts, and chocolate hills in Bohol. There are several islands like Palaui Island, Siargao, Moalboal, and Bohol, you should visit. The most thrilling places in the Philippines are Tubbataha Reef, Malapascua Island, San Agustin Church, Chocolate Hills, and Puerto Galera! Do visit them.

They will amaze you with their natural beauty, each in its unique way. To learn more about the Philippines you should look at cities like Vigan City and Daraga. Silay City and Basco will also be one great experience. Wherever you go, please keep in mind that you have to capture a lot of pictures. Enjoy and spend a great time with your loved ones. It could be your chance to get away from all the sorrows and worries in your life.

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