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Toronto, Canada is one best place to spend the time and get close to nature and man-made marvels. in this article, we have compiled the list of things to do in Toronto Canada.

Things To Do in Toronto Canada

niagara falls

1. Niagara Falls

If you want your trip to Toronto, Canada to validate, you have to visit Niagara Falls Canada. On your first morning in Canada, you can ride a horn-blower and visit the whirlpool aero car later on. You do not want to miss the visit to the Botanical Gardens. Trust me, it is one place that will make you feel alive. If you are looking for something daring, you need to step out and visit the Zipline towards the falls. For those who just want to feel the fresh breeze and spend some good time appreciating nature and its beauty, you should visit the Skylon Tower. It will give you the best view, trust me. You can just keep on counting the things to do at the Niagara falls and they will not end. If you are visiting it along with children, you should have a look at the Greg Frewin Theatre Magic Show. It will keep them busy and entertained. Do not forget to take some great pictures at the Greg Frewin Theatre. You could take a day off and relax on the Niagara wine tour and then have a delicious dinner later. To have a good time, relaxing, you can even visit a spa there. Moreover, Niagara sightseeing would put a great end to your tour there. Have fun and take lots of pictures.

things to do in Toronto Canada

2. Visiting CN Tower

You would miss the absolute beauty of the world if you leave Toronto without visiting the CN Tower. It would forever feel like your tour was incomplete.  CN Tower changes the view and the perspective of the whole tour. It has the glass flour directly above the 342 meters long Toronto streets. That is huge, one would say. The Cn tower is so tall that even the highest buildings in the world seem tiny in front of it. There is one thing I can say without any doubt. You will visit it once and would love to go again. You would be surprised to know that originally the CN Tower was made as a transmission tower but after a while, the designers changed their plan and expanded it into something amazing. The CN towers were expanded and elevators were added. For the entertainment and facility of the visitors, different restaurants and shops were opened where you can always dine in after a tiring day.

museum of illusion

3. Visiting Museum of Illusions

One of the reasons the museum of illusions is the main tourist spot is that it is somewhat the middle of all the tourist attractions and connects everything. The Museum of illusions connects the apology to the Espionage Museum. The Ipanema Sports Bar is one of the closest spots to the Museum of illusions just like the Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe is. Everything just a few steps away. The Museum of illusions is famous for its tricky stick and the “Head on the Platter”. People also love looking at Rubin’s vase and the “Hollow face illusions”. You would be amazed at how beautifully and technically these illusions are created. Museum of Illusions is just about imagination, creation, and surprises. If you get to visit the museum, do not miss out on the “True mirror” and the “Clone table“. Like almost everyone who visits the museum, you will be amazed at how they seem so real. Infinity tunnel and the anti-gravity room takes the whole experience to a new level. So unreal, so close. Lastly, also take a quick look at the optical illusion and the chair illusion. Have fun and takes lots of pictures to surprise yourself with beauty in the future.

Ripley's Aquarium

4. Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada

Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada has thousands of things that will amaze you. There is this discovery center where a person, regardless of their age, can have fun. You can have a good look at the fish and then play on the slides. Most amazing thing is that you can touch those live horseshoe crabs. In the Ray Bay, you can look at the most amazing animals as they can move around. In the Shoreline Gallery, you can get to learn regarding the rays and shark and have a look at other animals that you never have seen before. One moment that you will not forget ever is “Dangerous Lagoon“. You will be amazed as you stand on the walkway, looking at it moving in a tunnel underwater. The sharks and turtles can also be seen there. And one last thing that you should never miss when you are visiting the Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada is the “Planet Jellies“. This is one place that will make you feel art. You will see the jellyfish moving around you as the tanks will change their colors. It will feel magic.

5. Visiting the Casa Loma Museum

In case you did not know, “Casa Loma” is a Spanish word which means “hill house” in English. Canada is well known for Casa Loma because it is one of the biggest tourist attractions. Although Canada is not known for its castles Casa Loma is a museum that stands out and enhances the beauty of Toronto. For those who would love to visit and explore, the English “hill house” is a Chateau based on 98 rooms in 1914. The Casa Loma was the creation of a businessman named Sir Henry Mill Pelatt. Mill Pelatt was bankrupt after he had built it. So the Casa Loma was turned into a museum and was even used for shooting films. Casa Loma can be seen in the X-men movie; it is Professor Xavier’s School. You will get to see the location used in X-men! Please keep in mind that Casa Loma is a busy place and you will have to pick a time carefully if you do not want to rush through the crowds all around you. The crowds get thicker and busier as we go down the tunnels and towers. If you get to visit the Casa Loma, please have a look at the gardens and the underground pool. To your surprise, Casa Loma has secret passageways. Amazing, isn’t it?

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