What to Wear to a Music Festival?

Going out to music festival with friends and family and confused about what to wear? Here are some lifesaver tips.

Remember wherever you go, Just be Yourself

If you are going to a music festival, it should make you look like you are a music festival person; independent and confident. Since it is not a themed wedding, dress up party, some Christmas or Halloween costume party, it is a music festival! You need to dress up in a way that makes you look like YOU. And that automatically shows how you are ready to party!

What footwear Not to Wear

Do not get overexcited and grab out your favorite footwear to put on. Remember you have to always keep in mind that you are going to be on your feet for like as long as you are attending the music festival. Walking around 8 to 9 miles on your foot is not an easy job, that too, if you are attending a music festival during the day time and the sun’s heat is scorching all over you and over the other hundreds who are attending the festival.

What footwear to put on

You could wear some comfortable boots that take the shape of your feet when you wear them or flat comfortable sandals or chucks that are padded and would help you in not getting tired. If you want to wear a heel, remember, do not wear a one too high, and just wear some boots that have a rather blocked heel. You can easily roam around in wedges, party all you want to. Heels will not only get you tired but would also make you look out of fashion! Wear shoes that help you dance, that is a pro tip.

What kind of jewelry to wear

I am pretty sure that no one would want sun squeezing into their eyes or sun rays hitting their face and making their makeup wash away with the sweat. Would you? If you are okay with sun rays, you are safe. If you are not, you have my tips! How to avoid sunrays and look fresh? Get a colorful musical hat that goes with your outfit, makes you look good, and protects you from the sun rays. It does not have to be a big one; it could be as large as a baseball cap one. For addition jewelry ideas, you could always put on a crown or better, a flower crown! Damn, queen.

Putting on sunscreen and ChapStick

Do not forget to put on sunscreen unless you want some natural tan to hit your skin. The quantity and timings of applying sunscreen should depend on the time you are about to leave, the time you are going to spend there, and on the sunny weather. If you are going to stay for a long time, you can keep it inside your bag and apply it later on too. Find some good sunscreens from the stores near you that are your task. People with sensitive skin and lighter color need to be extra careful. People who have lips sensitive to dry and sunny weather conditions should keep a chapstick with them all the time during the music festival.

How to wear your hair?

Your hair will look great at the time you have them all opened up and spread on your neck and shoulders while you are trying it with your dress AT HOME. But this is not a great idea for a music festival that trusts me. You are going to be all sweaty and your hair is going to be all messed up while you are dancing and having fun in an open area and you would want to chop the mess out of your life at that moment. Play safe, tie them up. If not into a simple ponytail or with a clip, you can always form braids on one of the three days. Trust me; it will make you look well prepared and confident in a different way.

What kind of makeup should I wear on to a music festival?

I know you are going to keep makeup in your bag because it is going to be a long, 3 days long to be specific, event. But trust me; do not overload your backpack with a lot of stuff for yourself to carry around and to take care of. Just a simple foundation stick, a highlighter, an eyeliner, and a lipstick would do. First off, it is going to be hot and you are really would want to wash your face again and again. Secondly, you are going to sweat A LOT so it is going to wash off even if you do not want it to be. Keep it natural and beautiful, naturally beautiful.

What kind of layers should I wear to a music festival according to weather?

What to wear to a music festival is rather a difficult question at this point. You will have to seriously consider the location and its weather conditions. Here are some tips for you anyway. Usually, the weather is hot at the start of the day but quite cold in the evenings/nights. But the weather conditions change according to the people around you. There are thousands and hundreds of people around you, so you probably would not feel that cold but it would be a great idea to be on a safer side otherwise. Keep an extra layer in your backpack or put it on when you are leaving; decide according to the weather. You can wear a jeans jacket or a light sweater that goes with your outfit. 

Have Questions?

What to wear to the EDM festival guys?
What to wear to a music festival in your 30s?
What to wear to a music festival over 50?
What to wear to the music festival 2020?

I can bet all these questions are popping up in your mind while you have your tickets purchased and now you are ready to pack your backpack.

Some cool outfit ideas for Music Festival

Cropped plain white blouse and blue ripped jeans

1) A floral printed skirt with wedges or a light-colored maxi
Please prefer wearing a baby pink, sky blue, light yellow color. It will not only make you look gorgeous but would also keep you up to the theme. That is a must two in one.

2) A sky blue swim top with some cream shaded long shorts

3) A denim jacket never really goes out of fashion, does it?
How about wearing a denim jacket over a nice plain dress, simply elegant

What is gorgeous and easy?
Wear a button-down dress shirt that will make you look cool, you might even want to put some cool shades with them. Put on your white sneakers with them and brace yourself to dance it through the night. Day and night!

Here is an important question we all miss out, what not to wear to a music festival?

You have to avoid wearing a fur coat or some leather jacket; it would not do you any good in either rain or sunny weather. You have to completely drop the idea of wearing heels to a music festival, your feet will hurt so much and you will not be comfortable. Do not even think of it.
For men, you have to save it for a beach party or something related to it. DO NOT go shirtless; it is so out of trend to trust me.

I hope you found this article helpful; have a fun day at the music festival.

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