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Most of the invitations to wedding events make it pretty clear by stating the dress code but sometimes decoding what things like “dressing casually” means. Too confused to decide if it is all about wearing a dress or wearing casual? People who like to shop or select clothes, deciding this can be an exciting job for you guys. Get ready to go through the list and decide the look that will set all eyes on you. Here you go:

Choose The Right Tie Color

Black Tie

While some would prefer wearing a white tie, black never goes out of fashion. As they say, “we will stop wearing black when they invent a darker color”. Most wedding ceremonies are held in the evening after 7 pm, so a black-tie will do. To put your black tie in the spotlight, here is a quick hack for you.  Wearing a white jacket with it; this is for men of course. Alternatively, for women accompanying a man wearing a black tie, here is a quick cool look. Women and girls should prefer wearing a brighter, shinier cocktail dress or a maxi. You will look decent and elegant; it is a two in one for sure!

what to wear on a wedding

White Tie

If you are looking for something fancy to wear to a wedding, a white tie will do. To highlight your white tie, there is a quick solution for you. To make it look even better, men should wear black shoes and if available, white gloves with them. Alternatively, for women accompanying a man wearing a white tie, this would prove to be a great look: A gown or a fancy white maxi would be a great idea, do not forget to capture how great you look after wearing it. They won’t have to worry about the spotlight wearing that, I am pretty sure. Just dress up well, feel special, and praise. That is all one would want.

Dressy Casual (You should dress up, but only a little)

For a wedding invitation that has mentioned dressy casual, this would be an appropriate yet elegant dressing for men. A suit and tie would fulfill the condition of a “dressy casual” condition for men. Alternatively, for women, there are some great ideas for dressy casual. For women, we have rather a wider range. Women could wear a preferably light-colored (baby pink, light green, or sky blue) skirt with a cream-colored blouse. As an alternative option, women could even wear a proper dress to the “dress casual” wedding. A skirt with a floral print in summers would look gorgeous!

women casual dressing

Casual Dressing

Many people are confused about the fact when it comes to being dressing casually. What would be an appropriate dressing? It should look elegant and decent both. Woah that is rather a wide category for men. Men can wear dress pants or even khakis if they want to. A white dress shirt and a coat will make men look handsome. Also, men should wear loafers with them. Alternatively, for women, we have a few quick solutions. Women can wear pants with a light-colored blouse in summers, or a skirt with a floral print blouse. Women can wear a dress but jeans or shorts would look inappropriate even though the invitation has mentioned a casual dress code.

4 pm Wedding

The easy translation of a 4 pm wedding is “Beach casual”.For men, a dress shirt and a dress pant/khakis would look great. For women, it is a great opportunity to set all eyes on them. A sundress would be a perfect outfit for a beach casual dress code. Trust me, you would look elegant and young both, two in one offer. Moreover, you will be one of a few to understand how to dress up according to a 4 pm wedding or wear a beach casual. It would become so easy to set all eyes on yourself. Feel special, dress well.

 Semi-formal Dress Code

For men, the semi-formal dressing would translate to a suit with dress shoes. If the wedding ceremony is taking place in the evening, say after 7 pm, for example, men should wear a tie. Pick up the tie color according to your dress color and with the help of this article. For women, a semi-formal dressing would mean a cocktail dress. Pick out a lighter color in the summers and wear heels with it if you are comfortable with carrying and walking around in them. It would look gorgeous! You will be able to set all eyes on you and I can say people would not be able to resist praising how good you look. Who would not want that?

what to wear to a wedding

No specified Dress Code on the Invitation

If the invitation has mentioned a dress code like those mentioned in this article above, for example, “formal, semi-formal, beach day wedding, casual”, they are most probably expecting you to follow the dress code. But if by any chance, they have missed out mentioning any specific guideline to proper dress code they want you to wear; you can always go with a traditional style. Because it will be the best possible way to make sure you do not look like the odd one out at the wedding and you are maintaining a proper dress code as well.

Can’t find anything traditional to wear and still have no clue what the dress code is?

If you cannot find anything traditional to wear, it is completely alright and understandable. The point here is, you still have to pick out what outfit to wear, because “traditional dress” option is out of your reach now.

Quick solutions

Call the couple up and ask them how they are expecting you to dress up before showing up to the wedding. Look at the conditions like the venue of the wedding and the weather conditions and pick out your dress according to them, you are safe. Call the guests up and ask them what they are planning to wear, you do not want to feel embarrassed by totally dressing up different and being the odd one out. It is always better to be on the safer side. If you know anyone who is a member of the wedding ceremony, great! That will give you a clear answer to what is everyone expecting the wedding theme to be like.


For a custom themed wedding, just dive into the theme, dig its components, and find the little pieces of the theme that will complete your outfit. Do not forget to search it up and find the best possible solutions. You can also call a friend or ask a wedding guest for ideas and help. I hope you rock whatever you are going to wear! Remember the theme could be any surprise, it could be “vintage”, “rustic”, “fairy tale”, or just simply as “roses”. It could be anything. This trick is properly to search it up, buy yourself good clothes and accessories and look confident. For extras, you could even learn a bit about your character or theme so you can build a good conversation with guests there.


Even if the wedding invitation has mentioned a “casual” dressing, do not wear a mini skirt or shorts, which means anything too tight or short. Remember, you always have to look respectful. Avoid wearing jewelry that can put the spotlight on you rather than the bride. It is her day, let it be special. Please do not avoid the dress code if it has been mentioned, keep in mind, it is someone else’s ceremony and they want it to be as perfect as you would want yours to be. If you decide to wear a black dress, make sure it is glamorous and elegant and does not make you look like you are going to a funeral. It should give out happy vibes. Do not wear a white dress that is too much like the bride’s clothes.

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