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If you are an expert writer, who can write elite quality articles for our website i.e. Life Genius, read the following details and start right away. At Life Genius we welcome any writer who provides us with unique articles that fall in our categories are profitable for the reader. Write for Us is an opportunity for you to publish your blog post and get a complimentary backlink.

Number of Words

The blog post should be of about 1000 words and should cover all the aspects related to the topic in full detail. Having said that, just to increase the number of words, don’t include irrelevant details and make sure to stay to the point. The blog post should be of value to the reader and after reading it he/she must gain some knowledge out of it.


We have five categories:

  • Fashion
  • Health
  • Lifestyle
  • Travel
  • Tech

Your blog post must fall under one of the aforementioned categories. You should not diverge from your topic and must be discussing precisely your topic. For example, if you are writing a blog post of a thousand words on the travel niche about places to visit in Pakistan. You should precisely talk about the best places to tour in Pakistan and only that.

Reader optimized blog post

If the topic of your blog post is “how to start running?”, most probably your reader is a person who himself/herself intends to have a healthier lifestyle. He is your page to know about the details of that only. Thus, the reader wants to know about exact areas, for example, the Badshahi Mosque. He wants to know how to reach there, what to do there, the timings and why is it worth visiting. So don’t bore the reader with unnecessary details and keep the blog post to the point.

Type of the article

The audience may not be as good in the English language as you. Hence, if you use difficult, fancy words, even though your article will look good to you, it will be of little importance to the reader. Typically, a reader won’t be there to examine your writing skills. He wants to learn about the topic. Thus, an article using simple, understandable words and managing to deliver the message will be preferred over a fancily written which is unable to deliver the message.

The blog post must be engaging and should have high clarity. The reader should want to read it. All the information included must be factual and 100% accurate. To have a better idea of what type of blog post you need to write, check out the originally published blog posts on the website.

Benefits of writing for us

First of all, you will be getting a backlink to your website. If you want to promote a tech product, you can simply write a blog post for us; we will post it on our page and give ONE backlink to your website from where the readers can buy the product. This will work as an advertisement, but any lies or exaggeration regarding the product is highly prohibited. Hence, this blog post of yours will boost the sales of your product.

Further, this will work as a platform for your published articles. You will receive all the credit and you will certainly be recognized as its author. If you are a freelance writer and are intending to make a better profile of yours, this can be one of the best ways. This way you can simply ask your client to check out the link of your published blog post and overall it will create a great impression on your hirer.

How to Start

Contact us through any of the platforms provided on the Contact Us page. Provide some evidence that your writing ability is reasonable and why should we allow you to write for our website. Further, let us know about what type of blog post and on what niche you want to write. We will get back to you as soon as possible., if you receive approval from our website, start and give us a perfect blog post without any sort of errors.


Any plagiarized content will be rejected straight away and the writer would be reported to the relevant authorities. The blog post should also be free from Copyright infringement. Completely rewriting an article from a different webpage is not only ethical but also forbidden. Life Genius openly denounces any such act. You cannot copy-paste an article from your blog site too; any content you provide us must be unique.

If your blog post follows all the above-mentioned rules, it will be approved by our admin and will be posted on the page. We will make sure that you are recognized as its author and you will get full credit for the blog post.

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